What talent would earn you a Gold Medal? by Sean Murphy

Author_35280SeanMurphyWhat is that talent you do so well that others wish they could do as well as you?  The key – would someone be willing to pay you for that talent? There are many people that are great at talking about others, some complain, some are gold medalist’s at watching the TV.

If you want to know what are some of the highest paid talents in the world, I will share with you just a few here. The easiest one that I can think of is Public Speaking. You often hear about speakers getting $50,000 to $100,000 for a 60 minute talk. The Silver medalists would earn $15,000 plus… per event.

Another one is the leader of people, those that are capable of driving a team of individuals that achieve greatness. So the question comes down to what are you good at and will someone pay you to learn how you do it?

Maybe if you’re in the Network Marketing industry, you are great at prospecting, or maybe inviting guests to events, it could be that you know more about the products than anyone else. The point of this article is to get you going and moving to the podium to get your Gold Medal of Success for the talent you do so well.

Here is how you get started.

What talent do you do so easily that others are amazed at how you do it?


It could be scrap booking or photography, maybe its cooking for a family of 5, or making desert. There is something that you do with such ease, others are amazed. What you then need to do to become an authority on it is to begin to ‘blog’ about it, write articles on the subject. What you will find is that as you begin to tell more stories about that thing you are good at, you will find out you will learn more about it.

I would suggest setting up your EzineArticle account, if you don’t already have one. The best advice I could give you is to get started right now and begin to share your talent. There are people that are looking to learn what you know, and they want to know how to do like you do.

If you are just beginning to work on your passion, then make sure you keep notes of the challenges you went through as you were getting started, this is the gold in your story.


The getting started part is what everyone will want to know. If it’s been years since you started, make sure you do your best to give people that perspective you had as you started.

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