What to say… By George Madiou

There are many things that are important to learn and develop a skillset in to become financially successful in a network marketing business.

Two of them are Listening and What to say.

Listening was last month’s topic. This month goes hand in hand and this month’s topic is What To Say. To learn what to say, it is imperative to become a skillful listener and a skillful questioner.

Some of us have developed this skill set,  others, have taken decades to learn it, and there are many adults that never mastered this important skill sets.

This is likely the root of the lack of success in their business and good relationships in their life.

Many networkers are seeking the magic words to say to a prospect. There are no special magic words, the whole purpose of the question of, what do I say, revolves completely around getting to know the person you’re talking to. Now, you may already know the person or it may be the first time that you have met that person, when you know the person you already know certain things about that person. That might be a pain that they’re going through, issues that their family is facing, or desires that this person has.

When you know certain things about that person, the value of that knowledge is your ability to ask great probing questions.

To be able to genuinely want to know how a particular situation, in their life, is going and then just listen.

This is where similar guidelines are used when you would be talking to someone that you just met would also be appropriate. When you use the guidelines of Who, What, Where, When, and How, what will happen is, you’ll never get just short yes or no answers to nonprobing questions. You will end up getting answers that start to explain the situation that they’re presently living with.

When you’re talking to somebody that you just met and you use those key 5 guideline questions, that allows the person to realize that you don’t have an agenda other than to really find out about them. There’s nothing more important to a person who wants to hear someone is concerned for them. So as you pick and choose one of the five key questions to start a conversation, it will automatically guide you into asking others in that five key question group.

 I suggest to practice and get great at utilizing these five key guiding words to question people that you interact with on a daily basis. You don’t need to learn trick things on what to say, all you need to do is to get to be great at utilizing questions to find out more about the person that you’re interacting with.

Use this one great people-honoring technique to become great at, not only in your network marketing business but also in all relationships that you have.

George Madiou
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