Some of the best leadership advice from my friend, “Big Al” by Tom “Big Al” Schreiter

My good friend and fellow networker, Tom, joined me on a road trip to Austin, Texas. I complained about how I didn’t have enough hours in a day to support everyone.

I overworked myself for my first ten years of network marketing and didn’t know why.

While our conversation was too long for this newsletter, here is the lesson he taught me.

“Before we grow a leader …”

Should we help our team members to grow into leaders?

Of course, but we have to be selective. We don’t have time to help everyone.

So ask ourselves this question: “How do we know this team member is serious about becoming a leader?”

If we ask our team, everyone will respond they want to become a leader. But the world is full of wishers and hopers. Talk is cheap.

So, how do we know the serious team members to invest our time in?

Give them the Leadership Test and see who passes.

Loan our team members a book, any book, and say:

“Here is a great book. Please read it. It should help you start on your path to becoming a leader. And give me a call on Friday to let me know your thoughts.”

#1 If the team member calls us on Friday, this is someone serious we can work with.

# 2 If the team member doesn’t call us on Friday, or has multiple excuses, the time isn’t right for that person to become a leader. It doesn’t mean this team member is bad. It only means now is not the right time.

Think about it. If reading a book is too hard, the path to leadership will be much harder.


A Message We Can Give Our Team.

“Readers are leaders.”

We have gone as far as we can … with what we know now. If we want to go further, we have to learn new things.


What words help us ease the tension after an objection?

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