What you can learn from Lady Gaga about the MLM business By David Feinstein

What does the most popular singer in the world right now have to do with your MLM business?

Well, chances are Lady Gaga is not involved in your network, but how she operates the Internet to her advantage is both enviable and possible to imitate if you are serious about recruiting new people to your network.

Regardless of whether or not you like Lady Gaga’s music, it is worth taking some time to research how she uses social media in particular to promote herself as a brand. People listen, after all – you don’t get to over one million Twitter followers and Facebook fans without having a gift for engaging people. When you talk about your MLM business you should exhibit the same passion for keeping those in your network satisfied as the singer does in pleasing her fans.

Lady Gaga knows that her fans are responsible for her success. Every address to her “Little Monsters” is done with affection. Now, this doesn’t mean you need to refer to your MLM business networkers as “little monsters,” but taking to them to compliment their progress and encourage them to sell products and the opportunities can make a difference, a positive one, in your income…

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David Feinstein
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