What You Focus On, Is What You Create By Brian Biro

Definition:  WOO – Window Of Opportunity – The WOO is every precious moment!

Breakthrough Leadership Vision:  Seize the WOO!

A seven-year-old boy stands atop a glistening, snow-covered hill, bursting with excitement as he prepares to zoom down the slope on his brand-new sled. The hillside is at least fifty yards wide and nearly perfect for a great run. There is only one obstacle in sight, a single stump about halfway down the hill, but there are lots of open hillside on either side of it. Just as he is about to kick off, he hears a well-meaning voice cry out, “Watch out for the stump!”

Whoosh—he’s off. He rockets down the hill faster and faster, the icy wind whipping his red cheeks.

As he steers the sled that voice keeps repeating in his mind: Watch out for the stump.

Swerving left and right as he picks up more and more speed, he can’t seem to get that stump out of his thoughts. Then, wham! He crashes into the stump like a guided missile locked in on its target.

In fact, that little boy was programmed to crash into that stump. I know because I was that little boy. My sled was demolished, and though I only sustained a few bumps and bruises, my dignity was shattered. For a while after the incident, I was humiliated; I had crashed and burned. But ultimately my sledding ineptitude led me to an epiphany, a WOO from which I learned. We are taught—in fact, programmed—to be almost magnetically attracted to obstacles and fears, just as I was drawn to that stump.

If we can change our focus, we can change our lives.

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Brian Biro
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