What a Woman Wants by Becky Spieth

BeckySpiethTap into the passion, hope and freedom women possess and desire to share with others. Direct Sales… you ask why? It’s only natural, and this is evident if you are associated with the profession, ever attended a party/show, loved the nuances of the service and relationship developed in the sales experience, treasure the superior products or perhaps the income or friendships it provides. Women are natural networkers and nurturers. Women love to enhance their environment, family, relationships, their situation and develop their gifts and talents in pursuit of the divine plan for their lives while enhancing the lives of those around them. Above all, it offers women the opportunity to not only offer but to experience hope, success and freedom.

Hope, success and freedom come in many forms and means different things to different people. With Direct Sales women are able to be authentically who they were created to be.

 NULL Nearly 88% of all Direct Sellers are women. Over 83% of household spending decisions are made by women. Almost 80% of all sales involve face to face selling (direct selling). Let’s answer the age old question… what does a woman want? Is it just men that are asking this question? Marketing professionals? Direct Sales recruiters? You? Let’s discover the answer. How? Ask questions and listen… they will tell you what they want. Women want to be heard and to know that what is important to us matters. Here is a simple formula:

  • Let me listen to you (about what is important to you and your life)
  • Let me listen to how I can help and support you and your desires
  • If I can help you, I want you to know that I am authentic and sincere coming from a place of service
  • Acknowledgment… what gives you that special sparkle
  • Invite… women love to be invited to give their opinion, and to explore. We are curious by nature.
  • Keep it simple and duplicable through proven success systems supported with coaching, mentoring and a relationship for success as you discover and develop your strengths, capabilities and creativity
  • Maybe this isn’t for you, but let’s discover it together
  • It is totally YOUR CHOICE… I am letting go of the outcome

Direct Sales is the perfect answer for what a woman wants! Use the formula above for inviting women to take part in the services you have to offer as a Direct Sales Professional, whether it is to join your success team, host a show, take part of a private appointment, try your product or service, offer a referral or support a mission that is dear to their heart.

Tap into the passion, hope and freedom women possess and desire to share with others.



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