What does it really take to become successful in any business and what if a Spouse doesn’t give their support? by Sue Seward

sue.sewardWhat’s your plan? Network Marketing is a business just like any other business. And it’s a serious business when you treat it as such. Of course many people still do not understand this and it’s treated more like a hobby. Just think if you started your own traditional business. You’d work your butt off wouldn’t you? You’d spend a lot of money, hire employees in most cases, and deal with a lot of various taxes, a lease, stocking store shelves depending on the type of business. Or you’d have a professional business like dentist, doctor, chiropractor, attorney, CPA, etc. and work yourself to death, having all of the above and if you don’t see patients or clients what happens? Your income stops! So what’s the difference in owning a Network marketing business? You have expenses just like ANY other business.  NULL Only a Network Marketing business is more like a ‘B’ business where you are an entrepreneur. Entrepreneurs sometimes work for years with none or not much pay. Once it’s built though it pays you for a lifetime because it’s passive income. That’s income that flows into your bank account from something you did previously. In fact, Robert Kiyosaki recommends it as the perfect ‘B’ business. That means it is on the RIGHT side of the quadrant. The ‘E’ & ‘S’ (Employee & Self-Employee) are both on the left side and there’s nothing wrong with those quadrants. We just choose to be on the right side and there are many reason’s for that. (If you’ve read ‘Rich Dad Poor Dad’ or listened to ‘The Perfect Business’ CD, you know what this means). If you have not read it yet and you are planning to become successful in ANY business I highly recommending reading this book and all of his books and CD’s to start the educational process of increasing financial IQ. The difference with a ‘B’ business in Network Marketing is – there are some advantages that a traditional ‘S’ and other ‘B’ businesses do not provide.

One of those really crucial advantages is something called – LEVERAGE!

I’m going to give you a real life example and it’s based on my own experience so you can respond when your spouse – who may not understand what you are doing or WHY you are working this type of business or they think you are wasting your time working this kind of business, questions you because perhaps they are coming from the ‘E’ or ‘S’ side of the quadrant. Remember, ‘E’ stands for Employee and ‘S’ stands for Self-Employed. If your spouse is not on the same page and is against learning about this – they could (usually it’s not really intentional, they just are not educated and many people who come into Network Marketing are not either) they may not understand and become frustrated with what you are doing and why. Many people who get into Network Marketing become frustrated too because they do not understand this concept and they also are not very good with delayed gratification, (Sound familiar?) Especially if they are coming from the ‘E’ and you are spending money to run your business and perhaps there’s no money or not a lot of money coming in yet, so they are questioning – why don’t you just get a job? This also happened with Robert & Kim as they started on their journey to start a ‘B’ business so you are not alone! Or perhaps you already have an ‘S’ business so your spouse is asking, “why don’t you just work your ‘S’ business harder or start another ‘S’ business?” This is usually because again they do not understand the concept of LEVERAGE and they usually do not understand Network Marketing. Or perhaps you have been working in Network Marketing for years and you have not seen much success or have had very little success and they think here we go again, with another deal that is not going to work and questioning constantly why are you pouring more money into that MLM deal? One of the very true reasons for my success is because I have always had the support of my spouse. Even though he was frustrated in the beginning for several years with the money going out – all the time I spent in my office – on the phone and NOT with him or the kids and the frustrations he saw me go through, he still believed in me and in what I was doing for us.

I took him to events back in those early days so he was around my mentors and saw the company and knew of the possibilities. Having his support was the first step.

In fact, if you have any family members cutting you down for what you do it will be tough to overcome. My immediate family never supported me and they made fun of my Network Marketing business for years. (A distant memory now of course but I remember those days!) Listen to Kim Klaver’s stuff on this! I used to listen to her stuff back then about the family poking fun! Wasn’t fun to go through then but I just let it roll off my back at the time because I knew I was on a mission and knew WHY! Robert Kiyosaki also wrote an article on this called ‘What Will My Friends Think’ and you can read that article on a new MLM training website I’m building at http://www.MLM-Online-Marketing-Coach.com It’s CRUCIAL to your success though that you do have the support of your spouse in any business, so if you don’t have it, it could become a struggle. Because in reality you live with your spouse day in and day out and not with your immediate family so it’s hard to shut out your spouse and any negative comments they make. On the other hand, if you happen to have a spouse that is controlling and demands that you do what they say, you most likely won’t make it in ANY business. That’s kind of like having a boss isn’t it? This is just a fact. Over the years though I’ve seen it happen many times. This is something that I cannot help you with because I’m not a marriage counselor. In fact, this is exactly why when I speak with people about starting their business I find out right up front – will they be working their business with their spouse and if not, do they have their spouses support? This is a very important question to ask. I’m also learning from Robert & Kim on how important it is to work as a partnership and putting your financial PLAN together as a team. My husband has been supportive of my business and career for eleven years. Actually more like 18 years since I started dabbling in MLM back in 1988 so he’s seen me fail and make mistakes for many years while working on myself and creating a business for our family’s future! (our plan has always been to bring him into the business and we have no doubt that is going to happen soon and would be now if not for some new opportunities that we decided to give our son at this time so we’ve put our plans on hold some. This is what happens when you wait until you are 40 to have your second child!!!). Now my husband dances a jig because here’s what’s happened over the last eleven years as he has seen my development over the years. I have managed to create not only a credible career where if something happened to him I would be ok and have become independent not only FINANCIALLY – also EMOTIONALLY independent and confident and know that I can do anything! If something happened to my company I know I have the skills and experience to start a new business. I have connections and I have leverage. Eleven years ago I had NO income of my own and no career. No connections, no leverage and NO confidence. I was a stay at home mom and being a mom doesn’t pay too well, at least not monetarily! I could take a job now because I do have skills that I learned in NETWORK MARKETING. However I do NOT want a JOB! I do not want anyone telling me what to do, when to do it, how much income I can make, or how high to jump! I’m not interested in building someone else’s business or their dreams! I did this for freedom – not to have to end up working again for someone else just because something was to happen to my spouse! So let’s discuss leverage – Last year was a very tough year for us – We
decided to give our son the opportunity to come to Austin to play level 1 tennis which is a fantastic opportunity for him but it’s also a very expensive endeavor that really threw a wrench into our plans. My income had finally grown and we were even able to buy an investment property at Lake Travis and things were great! We had money to spare and invest and our plans were set to retire my husband. Then this opportunity came up and we decided to move me and my son to Austin; So from March to summer, (July) I was in transition mode moving us. I did not work on my business much. I did however delegate a lot of leads and sign ups to leaders. These are partners that I had brought into my business from January through July.


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