What does SUCCESS have to do with running a mile? by David Feinstein

DavidLFeinsteinxI have always viewed Jim Rohn as my JEDI MASTER and I am deeply touched and moved at our loss but needless to say that his teachings will continue to impact and enrich the lives of so many around the world.  I’d like to dedicate this article to one of my mentors, teachers, coaches and friends. Jim Rohn was a very powerful influence in my personal career in the Network Marketing Profession in several ways. From his early affiliation with Nightingale Conant and the great contribution he’s made with his CD’s, Videos and amazing Jim Rohn quotes he’s been a worldwide influence for tens of thousands of people seeking empowerment, personal self-development and inner strength, serenity and the power to achieve anything that you want to do. Jim’s teachings have influenced my career in the Network Marketing Profession by being a support to the development of my personal strengths which have been tremendously enriched by his teachings. Some of the “benefits” of his teachings can be summed up as follows: NULL

  • How to transform responses into results
  • How to communicate effectively with everyone you meet
  • How to choose your attitude
  • How to affect people with words
  • How to control your emotions
  • How to be persuasive
  • How to refine your sales abilities and leadership skills

In his powerful recorded live seminar called “Take Charge of Your Life” he covers those benefits quite well indeed. Throughout his career he has been a motivational coach and teacher and in fact the following is a great description by Nightingale Conant of just who Jim Rohn is and was:

“Jim Rohn is a philosopher, motivational counselor, business executive, and bestselling author. He has been recognized as the greatest motivational speaker of all time. He is one of the world’s most sought-after success counselors and business philosophers…”

For 40 years Jim Rohn has conducted seminars and has influenced over 4 million people around the world who came in search of developing skills by inter-acting with Jim; sales and entrepreneurial skills, leadership, sales and marketing, success and personal development…these are just a few of the areas that he trained, coached and spoke about. And so I’ve written the following article that I believe honors my learning at the feet of a master who knows how to impact people and inspire them to achieve their greatness; be it in business or in personal self-development or even communication skills. I have always viewed Jim Rohn as my JEDI MASTER and I am deeply touched and moved at our loss but needless to say that his teachings will continue to impact and enrich the lives of so many around the world. Even as he has entered those “pearly gates” of heaven he will continue to influence and enrich our lives! His message will live on and I’m so proud to say that I am a product of his product… yes, I’ve drank the Jim Rohn Kool-Aid and my life has been improved as a result, including the influence he’s had on my coaching/teaching/mentoring abilities and how today I too enrich other’s lives. So it’s with much gratitude to Jim that the following article I have written can perhaps also influence the lives of many. What Does Success Have to Do With Running a Mile? By David L. Feinstein What does it mean when you want something terribly but haven’t gotten it yet? In fact you may not have even gotten close to it. If you’ve been looking for a work at home business opportunity with a huge potential for success, and simply haven’t found it yet, then it’s really your own fault. Most people want things – even so terribly that they can taste it – but they never do the things necessary to get/do those things.

It’s a tragedy because to put it simply, nearly everything is within your grasp, especially if it’s something that someone else has already achieved.

In fact, it’s actually a great thing if someone else has already achieved great success with a work at home business opportunity, anywhere around the world. If someone else has already done it, then you can surely do it. Remember the 4 minute mile? Here’s the story… For years and years nobody had ever been able to run a mile in under four minutes. In fact most of the world though that it was an impossibility! However one guy didn’t and in 1954, Roger Bannister proved to the world that the four minute mile was possible. Guess what happened after that. That’s right, people started running the mile in less than four minutes over and over again. It just took that one guy to do it and show everyone that it was possible. Not long after in 1963 a kid in high school actually ran the mile in less than 4 minutes. He simply knew it was possible because someone else had done it before him. Well it’s the same thing with a work at home business opportunity. You’ve likely not found one to run, or one that you’ve been able to succeed with because you haven’t been able to believe that it’s possible for you to succeed. But guess what. There are tons of people living the lives of their dreams right now – making high six-figure incomes, even million dollar incomes from their work at home business. Take for instance Ann and David Feinstein. These two individuals were what many would actually call successful in the corporate world. Ann had a very successful career working on Madison Ave. in New York City with what seemed like the dream life. However, Ann suddenly came to realize that her fancy office was more like a nice prison cell. Her life was not her own. David Feinstein was flying around in private jets and working with some of the biggest rock stars in the world, but while many would be thrilled with that life David knew that his life was hardly his own. He was constantly at the beckon call of his clients and rarely was able to spend sufficient time with his family. He simply had no life of his own. Ann finally met up with someone who showed her a better way. Who introduced her to a work at home business opportunity that would allow her to make the same great income that she was used to (and then some) and actually enjoy the process!

They did something that most people don’t do at this point. They took action…tremendous action.

They saw that other people were making huge incomes in the business, and knew that if those people could do it, they could do it – maybe even better. They followed the same strategy that these people followed to success, used their blueprint, and now for the last 20+ years have enjoyed a life that most people only dream of. The thing is that these two folks didn’t pass it off as a dream – they knew it was possible and simply took the steps to achieve that dream. Okay so now it’s time to do some mind-reading on the author’s part. You’re probably saying to yourself, “Yeah, but Ann and David were already successful. They didn’t have all the money problems that I have now”. The fact is that there are countless stories where people have gone from absolute nothing to being extremely wealthy because they took action and found mentors with a system to follow. In fact Ann and David have helped thousands of people just like that. So now it’s up to you. How about for just this minute you put all of your doubts aside and pretend that if Ann and David can achieve success, that if the thousands of people that they’ve taught this brilliant marketing system to can achieve that success that you can too.


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