What Do You Need to Get From Here to There? by RS Mallory

RSMalloryAlways be sure to Believe in yourself and practice “THE KNOW”.  Before you can BE successful, you must know where it is you want to go, what steps you will have to take to get there and what is standing in your way. Where You Want to Go Setting a goal sounds easy, but it is not.

In order for your goal to become attainable you must define it with great clarity and detail.

1- Write down your basic concept and then keep reworking it until it is EXACTLY what you want to attain. 2- Use your original notes and then write down your Goal IN DETAIL. 3- Describe, using all of your six senses what your life will be like and look like, when you attain your goal. What will it smell, FEEL, taste, like?  NULL What sounds will you hear? What does your Intuition (your Sixth Sense) TELL you, MAKE YOU FEEL like? 4- Speak your Goal into existence on a daily basis by creating affirmations and statements that describe your life as if you have already attained your goal (s). Repetition and emotion are the magic elixir that will initiate The Laws of Intention and Attraction to your doorstep! 5- Hold Faith that the Universe will arrange people, places, and situations to happen that will help you achieve your goal. BE ALERT and willing to take advantage of these situations when they occur. There are NO coincidences in life; situations are either opportunities (for those that ACT on them), or opportunities lost. The Steps you will have to take to get there 1- Make a commitment to yourself 2- Learn the Skills that will be needed 3- Find and USE the TOOLS to help you 4- Take ACTION on a daily basis 5- Don’t quit; be there two years from now. Rome was not built in a day 🙂 6- Embark on a path of Personal Growth (read, listen to tapes or CD’s). There is NO END to Personal Growth, so keep learning! Practice The Slight Edge theory which states that you must take baby steps each day to get where you want to go. Thomas Edison found 978 ways NOT to construct a Light Bulb, but the 979th way was THE RIGHT to do it! If Mr. Edison quit before he got to the 979th way, Civilization would be “living in the dark” without electric light bulbs! He stated with great delight and pride that he had found 978 ways NOT to make a light bulb, and by the way, many of those 978 ways NOT to make a light bulb produced many other great inventions! (Lesson: sometimes along the path towards OUR goals, The Universe gives us OTHER gifts that we may personally benefit from AND impart to and share with others). What is standing in your way? 1- Do not let anyone Rent Space in Your Brain! It’s valuable territory! We all have those “little voices” in our mind that tell us we cannot do this or that. Perhaps it’s your Auntie or your Dad. YOU can do whatever you set your mind to accomplish; the voices only have control over you IF you let them control you so

2- Clear your brain and BELIEVE in yourself. Free yourself from self doubt by reclaiming your mind; it’s valuable territory and YOU and you alone control it!

3- Start a Daily Personal Growth program. Read a good book, listen to CD’s, watch a DVD that will keep you motivated, keep you moving forward and believing in yourself. Read at least 15-30 minutes in the morning and then again before you go to bed each night. Remember, your mind works on the LAST thing you feed it at night, so be sure to give it something enriching to work on (instead of watching the news on television) 4- Write down affirmations and review them (with emotion) on a daily basis to keep yourself moving forward and motivated. 5- Learn to BELIEVE in yourself and your abilities. If you have learned the proper skills, have clear, decisive goals and learn to TRUST in yourself then you will invoke the Laws of Intention and Attraction and they will be your constant companions on your Journey towards Success. 6- Remember that once you attain your Goal that you must create a NEW goal and begin once again! There is nothing better in life than to KNOW that we each have the ability create and achieve.

We must always remember that it is the JOURNEY that is important and we must covet and enjoy each new path that we embark on!

7- Always be sure to Believe in yourself and practice “THE KNOW”. The Know is simply your ability, deep down inside you to realize that you are worthy and deserving and that by taking the correct steps, invoking The Laws of Intention and Attraction you WILL attain your goals. Belief is the KEY ingredient in your success! RS Mallory Compassionate Marketing Copyright ©2005- 2009 RS Mallory/Compassionate Marketing. All Rights Reserved. May be used with Proper Attribution



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