What’d You Do Today? by Steve Dailey

Steve_DaileyLife – it’s the main thing. Take a virtual trip with me. Visualize the most extraordinary saltwater fish tank you’ve seen. You know – like the one you might see across a whole wall in a fancy restaurant. Now imagine that it’s full-sized and real and you plopped yourself in there. You have a swim suit on (or not) but no fancy snorkel or scuba stuff. And you’re just floating around amongst magnificent and brightly-colored coral, a brilliant rainbow of fish darting randomly… itty bitsy ones, surprisingly large ones, comically ugly ones, timid ones… some dancing in unison among their buddies, some prowling tangentially along looking for a snack. The lovable but a-bit-freaky ones vigilantly watch you float by and hoping you won’t get too close. Some don’t have a care. NULL

Imagine your body buoyed by the saltwater and – as your glances are attempting to assimilate all directions at once, trying not to miss a single movement or sight, you’re gently being pushed and bounced along with tender nudges from the current. You’re flying or floating or dreaming… not sure which but maybe all three. Well – I did that today. Middle of the day. Just got up from my computer, jumped in the car with my girlfriend, drove to the ocean, walked down to the water… and jumped in. It was about 11:20am I think. It was amazing. My heart rate slowed. My mind cleared. The heaviness of business, and sales, and websites, and “stuff” – all lost to the krill and the plankton and the other-worldliness of a simple change of scenery. So here’s what needs to be said – that I haven’t talked enough about:

Business is ONE part of life – and life is very, very big. And to be successful in business, one must have a successful life. And to have a successful life – the bigness of it requires appreciation. Attention. Absorption.

Ponder that. Do you take care of life? YOUR Life? Is LIFE a priority? Oh, I can hear you. “I don’t live near a freakin’ ocean!” ”Do you realize how much I have to do?!” ”That’s easy for you you, Pal… you’ve got it made.” Well – and not that it really matters – but for the record you don’t have to live near an ocean, I have more than enough to do (just like you), and I don’t “have it made” (whatever THAT means.) I have bills, clients, a kid, things I can worry about… and I give the worries their fair share. But the main point is this: You have a choice – drive the bus or let the bus drive you. Tomorrow – or today – at 11:20 or 1:16 or 3:40 or even 10:28pm… do life. Choose to do life. Exercise the muscle. Get quiet, play, breathe. Get up over the top of all the little, puny stuff that anchors your feet to the floor. Move. Change the scenery. Create new sensory input. Be. Can’t imagine it? Can’t do it? Then it’s more urgent for you than you realize. Ask someone to grab you by the nose hairs and MAKE you. I’ll say more on this from time to time – because it needs to be said.

Life – it’s the main thing.

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