What Network Marketing Has That Other Industries Don’t… and How It Can Make You Wealthy! by David Feinstein

DavidLFeinsteinx3 Aspects that make it easy to attract the consumer Admittedly, network marketing has taken a lot of heat over the years. In some circles it’s gotten a bad name. Movies and television shows have even jumped on the bandwagon at times to poke fun at it. However, this is usually something that occurs only after something has reached mass notoriety, and it would be the biggest understatement in the world to say that network marketing has reached mass notoriety. So while there are the detractors, there are also a great many people who have become very wealthy from network marketing, or are at least earning their living… full-time… from this industry. There are some little talked about, yet crucial aspects of this industry that I believe are the driving force and what makes network marketing beneficial for all parties involved… meaning the companies, the distributors, as well as the customers.  NULL

3 Aspects of Network Marketing That Make Getting to the Consumer Amazingly Effective… First: Leverage – Of all the things that make the network marketing industry such an amazing and iconic industry, number one the leverage that’s involved. Unfortunately, many people look right past this aspect, or don’t completely see it for how powerful it is to make network marketing so profound. When you use leverage, you’re using a tool or element that can help you to enhance your strength. If you think of yourself trying to move a huge boulder for instance, you would not think that you could lift that boulder with a two-by-four, but with a long enough lever, as well as a fulcrum point, you certainly can lift that huge boulder. Using the leverage of a downline in the network marketing structure, a company can quickly expand its force and reach to get the word out about the company. It does this by simply giving a commission to each person who is able to get someone else to ether buy the products, or to start their own home business.

By training these people who decide to join, they are leveraging out their own business by expanding it with others, and therefore in return for teaching others about the products and how to run their own home business… they receive a commission not only for that person’s effort, but the efforts of those that they train. This is incentive.

It’s a win-win because the company’s reach expands very quickly, and the distributor’s income has the potential to rise very quickly, giving all an incentive to keep getting the word out about the network marketing company. That’s huge! Second: Credibility – Another great aspect of the network marketing that people don’t understand is how the marketing structure lends nearly instant credibility to the products in many circumstances. In traditional marketing, a company has to spend tons of money on branding their products out to the world. Branding gets consumers comfortable with the products, so that they can eventually gain credibility, and due to recognition consumers will start to buy the products.

With network marketing, you don’t need this because people are learning about the products from someone that they know in most cases. This creates instant trust for the product because of the fact that we all like to learn about great things from people that we know and trust rather than from a stranger.

This is a huge advantage for both the company, but for you as a distributor and downline as well, where you’re earning a residual income off the leverage of your downline’s efforts. Third: Competition and Continuity – This is very seldom talked about, but let’s think about the effect that competition has had on the industry. There are tons and tons of network marketing companies being started each and every year. A great many of those companies are in the health and wellness field, so we’ll use that as an example. (It is important to mention that what I’m about to say covers the full spectrum of network marketing products and services.) When there’s competition, this increases the need for quality to be a forefront element for an industry. So when a new network marketing company decides to create a product in the health and wellness industry, they’ve got to make sure that their product can not only stand-up but also beat out the competition as far as quality goes. They’ve got to have a unique quality that WORKS.

It must undoubtedly work because of the simple fact that this industry depends on the continuity factor (re-orders)… and if a product doesn’t work, then nobody is going to be re-ordering… plain and simple.

So this benefits the consumer because they’ve got companies giving them amazing, often life-changing products. It also benefits the distributor, because of course as people continue to re-order, it gives you not just more residual income, but a longer lasting residual income. Not to mention the fact that as word of effectiveness of the products grows so does your organization, your reach, and again, your income. Network marketing is a rare industry that looks after all sides of the business spectrum, and does so highly efficiently and effectively. At least I think so after 25 years of success in the industry.


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