What’s the Big Deal About Nurturing? by Mary LaDisa

Congratulations! After putting it off for years, you finally did it. You bit the bullet and stood your ground so that you can get it done.

You’ve missed birthday parties, and outings, and everything else that you’d rather have done so that you could launch a business. Now, you have clients and people genuinely interested in what you have to offer.

Now that you have them, what’s it gonna take to keep them coming? How can you keep your business top of mind with your customers?

In steps the power of nurturing.

For many, when we hear the word nurturing, we immediately think of small children; depending heavily on their parents for development, growth, and protection. According to Merriam-Webster, nurturing is meeting the needs of something that is developing (like relationships). And that is exactly what you will need to do.

The first time I heard “you need to nurture your audience,” I thought, “what”?! What I now know is that by understanding what it is that your clients, prospects, and business partners (audience) need, you position yourself to better serve them.

Think about it. Have you ever received an unsolicited request to purchase a product or service that you did not like, let alone ask for? Did it turn you off? If you are like me, it did. Why, because the person who sent the request does not know me and I don’t know him/her. They are a stranger.

Now, what do you think the response would be if you knew exactly what your audience needed?

Because you were in regular communication with them; providing training information via emails; newsletters with the latest products and innovations; sending surveys and asking for feedback; sending coupons or offering something complimentary.

These gestures are worth their weight in gold when it comes to keeping your business on the minds of those who do business with you. Depending on your audience, you can do this using a few simple types of content.

If it inspires, educates, or entertains you are on the right track.

If you’ve been pulling out your hair trying to figure out how to nurture your audience, the reality may be that you haven’t built the relationship well enough to know what will keep them coming back. And if you won’t meet their needs—guess who will?

Nurturing comes by being consistent, showing up. Your audience wants to hear from you, see you, get to know you. Managing their expectations is usually what they want. If you drop off the grid, they will scatter.

So, just like little children who need guidance from their parents, your audience needs you. When they don’t feel connected they disconnect. It’s your job to reach out. You are building relationships that are growing and need to be nurtured.

When people see that you can be trusted with their problems, understand their needs and be consistent, they will extend their hands and give you their business.

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Mary LaDisa
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