What should your first New Year’s resolution be? by Ken Crawford

Ken CrawfordProclaiming resolutions at the start of a new year is a sign that you are an achiever! At each years end we tend to reflect back on the goals we had set for ourselves, silently critique our failures perhaps a bit harsher than we acknowledge our successes. As we draw near to the close of another year we tend to identify those areas in life that we want a higher level of success in and draft mental resolutions as to how we can go about this process. Perhaps some of those soon to be made resolutions will require you to be more punctual, better organized, a better financial steward or to lose weight.

Proclaiming resolutions at the start of each year is a sign that you want to be an achiever however achievement doesn’t come without sacrifice.

 NULL As a business professional and network marketer you are likely to be a giver and someone who continually makes sacrifices for their family, spouse, or down line. For many of you it might be commonplace to put yourself and your health last on the priority list. As you begin to process the many resolutions that you intend to make for 2008 consider what it would be like for your spouse, family or your downline should something happen to you.

Obviously there are things in life that we can’t control but for those things that we can control then it is our responsibility to do so.

Each year millions make the declaration that this is the year that they will lose those unwanted pounds, however the problem with losing weight for many of us is that we are addicted to food. Food addicts have a unique challenge that other addictions do not… in that with other addictions you can remove the addictive substance from your life and continue to live… the same can not be said for food. Additionally the mass population is not likely to be engaged in the over consumption of alcohol or drugs (for example) but food, and worse still… good delicious food is readily available and most people are not trying to avoid it. What a dilemma! So where does the problem start? Historically we have been programmed to believe that Proper Nutrition + Exercise = Weight Loss Obviously this seems like an easy solution to follow however if it were that easy obesity rates would be declining instead of increasing.

Perhaps a more realistic approach to the obesity issues is as follows:

Proper Nutrition & Supplementation + Motivational & Accountability Support + Exercise = Sustained Weight Loss.

It is critical to recognize the importance of motivational and accountability support for any sustained weight loss success. With the rising rates of obesity and the hectic lifestyles of today’s world having a weight loss coach for support is the missing ingredient. By teaming up with Weight Loss Partners you will now have the opportunity to have the support you need to lose weight and keep it off. Weight Loss Partners understands that losing weight can be one of the loneliest struggles many people ever encounter. So why keep trying to do it alone? The Weight Loss Partners – motivation and accountability system provides you with a coach, accountability partners and a fun new team approach to losing those unwanted pounds. Our interactive system places you on a partner team that incorporates 3 regularly scheduled “LIVE – TOLL FREE” conference calls each week from your home, office or on the go. Your coach and teammates will be there to encourage you to eat sensibly, become and stay active and provide fun challenges and competitions within your team and against others.

Additionally the Weight Loss Partners one-of-a-kind program will keep you focused, motivated and accountable to your healthy lifestyle goals – allowing you to be a better well rounded businessperson.

Additionally, as adults and parents it is our collective responsibility to be the examples on a daily basis as to living a healthy lifestyle in the eyes of children. Perhaps the most valuable possession that one could have is also the possession many of us tend to take for granted and that possession is good health. Why should losing weight be a priority? For those of you who need to lose weight the importance of you having good health is at the core of your future. We can not let the busyness of our everyday lives stand in the way as an excuse.

Bottom line – you need to make yourself a priority. Your family and / or your downline are counting on you.



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