What’s the Best Kind of World Class Advertising? by Michael York

Michael York(Here’s Your Advertising Secret Weapon) What is the BEST ADVERTISING for your business? How about the advertising that DELIVERS THE GOODS, moves the needle, is most affordable, and attracts the greatest quantity (and quality) of people? Isn’t that the kind of advertising you’d want to use in building your business? In 1978 I started selling RADIO advertising. In 1983 I moved on to newspaper. A few years later I became an advertising manager and later Director of Sales in the magazine/media business. Since 2000 when I started my own speaking and consulting business I have been a diligent student of MARKETING (different from advertising), built successful businesses and made (and lost) lots of money. Why do I bore you with this resume? NULL

All my years in the advertising and marketing business (from classified ads, to radio, TV, magazine, etc.) have taught me one powerful principle that works anywhere… anytime! “Word of Mouth” is WORLD CLASS ADVERTISING!

Especially in the MARKETING business (HINT: You’re actually in the PEOPLE business but we’ll call it MARKETING for now). Think just for a second about all the businesses that LIVE AND DIE DAILY on word-of-mouth advertising.

  • Doctors.
  • Dentists.
  • Restaurants.
  • Movies.
  • Music.
  • Tourism.

In fact, chances are good someone has recommended something to you recently. All of these categories rise and fall on the power of OTHER PEOPLE. And the RELATIONSHIPS of those people when they interact or MAKE RECOMMENDATIONS.

Angie’s List and Craig’s List didn’t exist until word-of-mouth met “organized structure” that created GREATER VALUE for the marketplace.

Napoleon Hill named a handful of WEALTH PRINCIPLES in his classic “Think and Grow Rich” and among them was SPECIALIZED KNOWLEDGE. So here’s the question for TODAY; Are YOU-

  • Hunting or Fishing?
  • Attracting or PURSUING?

Do people feel like you’re tracking them down to put your mark on them? Or are you genuinely trying to HELP OTHERS? Because the TRUTH is MOST PEOPLE

  • Don’t believe ADVERTISING, (Once upon a time if it was on TV it must be true)
  • Don’t TRUST (skeptical) anything that SOUNDS too good to be true.

One of my mentors in the marketing business says if you make an offer that sounds too good to be true, you have to EXPLAIN or GIVE A POWERFUL REASON why you’re doing it. Usually “our relationship” is a good reason for me to refer or recommend something to you. Without a RELATIONSHIP, “I’M SKEPTICAL” is something you’re sure to hear a lot of.

It’s likely in this business you’ll hear it even with a relationship but as long as it’s more than just ADVERTISING it can still be ATTRACTIVE in arousing curiosity and piquing interest.

Try EDIFYING someone in your business (your upline) who is MORE SUCCESSFUL than you are, because your RELATIONSHIPS know you as, well…YOU! Not as a hugely successful network marketing guru. You have TRUST, but maybe not RESPECT. You are NEW. Be OK with that. Your EDIFIED EXPERT can win RESPECT but might gain their TRUST more slowly. But when you combine the two via RELATIONSHIP MARKETING… UREKA! Think REFERRALS. The insurance business was built on them. Yet we see advertising for insurance every day. How often have you bought insurance from an ad…versus a PERSON? Referrals built lots of other businesses as well. Many businesses went OUT of business because they could ADVERTISE but they couldn’t WORD OF MOUTH advertise. And so it is in the NETWORK MARKETING BUSINESS!

Advertising FEELS easier, but it makes your DESIRED OUTCOME much farther away than if you simply learn how to get BETTER at RELATIONSHIP “ADVERTISING!”

Trust PLUS Respect creates attraction and interest. Your personal recommendation gains more exposures that are actually OPEN to hearing more. This industry brings Hope and Opportunity for the masses at a time when TRADITIONAL and CONVENTIONAL business models are FAILING miserably. And while many people see the failing J-O-B or conventional business model as acceptable, but view this business as SCARY or RISKY, there are a certain percentage of people like you and me who think just the opposite. You don’t need a WINNING RESUME to succeed in this business of RELATIONSHIP MARKETING. You don’t need BIG MONEY to get started. You just need a BIG REASON to succeed. As Mr. Rohn told me many years ago, you can do the most remarkable things in this life… if you just have enough REASONS. Advertising will never have the kind of PERSONAL PASSION or EXCITEMENT that you feel when you grab onto the hope of changing your life and changing lots of other lives in the process.

It’s why traditional advertising of any kind can only be second best. And why the BEST kind of WORLD-CLASS ADVERTISING will always be YOU.



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