What’s The Key to Kick Starting Your Business Into High Gear for 2011 and Beyond? by David Feinstein

DavidLFeinsteinxSo you want to kick start YOUR business this year? Then you better be ready and prepared to answer the questions below… Every year, as the New Year creeps up on us, many people will start to conjure up in their minds what they want from the coming year. For many, these goals are stated as very general goals. More money, bigger downline, lose weight, spend more time with family, etc. Now is there anything wrong with this? Well yes and no. Let me cover the easy part first. Of course there’s absolutely nothing wrong with wanting to better your self each and every year. I highly recommend always striving. As the great coach Vince Lombardi used to say: “Perfection is not attainable. But if we chase perfection, we can catch excellence.” I too believe in always chasing after perfection, even knowing that it’s not ever attainable. In doing so, my wife Ann and I have achieved what we feel has been pretty excellent! NULL

However, there are better ways of chasing perfection than simply being flippantly general with your goals.

Average, general goals get you nothing but average general results. On the flip side of that however is the fact that grand specific goals will get you grand and specific results.

So what do I mean by that? Well let’s look at the difference in two types of goals. General goal: I want to make more money next year. VS. Specific Goal: I want to increase my annual income by $60,000 this year, take my family on a 2 week vacation to Bermuda, give $5,000 to charity, and add $15,000 to each of my kids college funds, and pay off my car loan. To do that I will need to… Now can you see the difference in the goals above? There’s obviously a huge difference between these two sets of goals. But now can you guess what the MOST important part of the way goal number two (the specific) is stated? It’s definitely specific, and that’s certainly paramount. You see, in order to be able to strive for something, it’s crucial that you have something specific to strive for. But that’s still not the most important part. Is it the peripheral goals? The charity, the car loan, or the college tuition? Well, that’s important because it backs up your specific goal, and gives you smaller achievements to strive for. You can see where that extra money is going to go to good use. It motivates you because it puts a WHY to your achieving the goal. But still, not the most important part.

Nope, the most CRUCIAL part of the way that goal is stated is in the last sentence. Those last 7 words are extremely critical to your achieving that goal. It’s called… Your Plan of ACTION!

You must not set goals without a PLAN OF ACTION… a step-by-step plan, to reaching that goal. If you don’t have that, then what you have is a wish, or a dream! It’s like trying to drive across the country not without a map, but without a motor. It just won’t happen. So you want to kick start YOUR business this year? Then you better be ready and prepared to answer the questions below…

  1. How are you going to do that?
  2. What does kick starting mean to you?
  3. How much more will you earn by kick starting it?
  4. What will you use that extra money for?
  5. How EXACTLY will you get to that amount? (what actions will you take, how much time each day will you spend working toward your goal, what are the short term milestones broken up into?)

Each part of the equation is hugely important. Each part makes up the whole. Without each part you have no goal. But with each part, you not only have a goal, but you have a goal that will very likely be fulfilled.

Remember to be very specific in your planning. Name the actions that you will take. List the new things that you’ll have to learn to achieve those things.

Once you know, learn as quickly as you can and start applying them. Make sure that you work CONSISTENTLY toward your goal. Every day is best, but as often as you can. And here’s a very important part. Allow yourself room to expand on not only your goal, but your plan of action. There may be things that you have to add, and there may be things that don’t work that you have to take away. Either way, it’s a work in progress. And at the end of the year, when we’re closing in on 2012, you can look at your results and realize something. You’ll realize, as Vince Lombardi said… things didn’t go perfectly but you’ve very likely achieved excellence. And you’ll also be able to say… “We didn’t lose the game; we just ran out of time.” ~ Vince Lombardi


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