What your downline should be duplicating – and how to get them to do it by Tim Sales

Great Questions & Answers about being a Network Marketing Leader.  Several months ago I conducted a survey to find out what network marketers really wanted to learn, and what topics would be helpful to them. I discovered an overwhelming number…

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Tim Sales

Memo From Tim Sales:

Dear Friend,

I believe you have what it takes to be a successful Network Marketer. If you have the desire to succeed, then you will succeed. It doesn’t get any simpler than that.

Your attitude, above all else, is the factor that’ll determine your success in Network Marketing ... and in all other aspects of your life. To succeed, you’ve got to want to leap out of that jar.

Now this is really important, so pay attention.

I retired from active Network Marketing nearly ten years ago, but not before I had earned millions and built a downline of over 56,000 people in 26 countries. And I still continue to receive a substantial passive income from my business even though I am no longer actively involved. That ability to build passive income is one of the hallmarks of Network Marketing. Few opportunities can offer you that.

Let me add one more critical thought before I close.

When I started in Network Marketing, there was little, and I mean very little available to help a struggling Network Marketer succeed. I was simply told to make a list of all my friends and relatives and then go sell them on the idea. Sadly, that ill-conceived and unworkable strategy is still used by nearly everyone today.

I love Network Marketing, both as an industry and as a way of making an honest living through multiple streams of passive income. FirstClassMLMTools.com is yours. Use it to your advantage. I have developed tools such as Brilliant Compensation and Professional Inviter that you can use to successfully invite prospects to learn more about your business and to quickly build your downline. Both are a product of my own personal triumphs.

I also continually shop the industry, carefully selecting affordable tools I believe can be of significant value to you. I am a hard man to please, so rest assured, what you find at FirstClassMLMTools.com is the best you’ll find anywhere.
Tim Sales
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