What your prospects really think of you! by Tom “Big Al” Schreiter

TomSchreiterOur first order of business in any presentation Texas and Oklahoma are bitter college football rivals. There’s no middle ground. One day a Texas football fan was driving through Oklahoma on his way to another state. (Texas football fans never drive to Oklahoma, they only drive through Oklahoma to get somewhere else.) The Texas football fan stops at an Oklahoma gas station to refuel.  A little girl walks by and suddenly is attacked by a vicious pit bull. The dog tears her dress and grabs her arm. The Texas football fan sees the screaming little girl and runs to her rescue. He grabs the pit bull and struggles valiantly. The dog tears into his flesh. Blood streams from his arm and leg. Finally, in a desperate move, the Texas football fan gets the upper hand and kills the pit bull. NULL

A reporter for the Oklahoma Times Newspaper watches the drama unfold. After the pit bull is dead he approaches the Texas football fan and says:  “Wow! What a hero! This will make great headlines in tomorrow’s paper. Let me take your picture and ask a few questions.”  The Texas football fan wipes the blood off his arm and leg and has his picture taken.  “We’ll put a great headline and story under your picture in tomorrow’s paper,” says the reporter. “Maybe, the headline could read, ‘Hero Saves Little Girl.’ By the way, where are you from?”  “From Texas,” says the hero.  The reporter thought for a moment and replied, “Well, since you’re from Texas I guess we could change the headline to read: ‘Man Rescues Child.’ I can kind of overlook that you’re from Texas, but tell me, you at least root for the Oklahoma football team, don’t you?”  The Texan replied, “No. To tell you the truth, I am a avid Texas football fan.”  The reporter left to write up the story. The Texan decided to stay around for a day so he could read his headline and story in the next morning’s paper.  The next morning, the Texas football fan picks up the Oklahoma Times Newspaper and on the front page was the headline:  “Man Kills Family Pet!” Ouch.  The Oklahoma reporter certainly had his opinion of the man from Texas.  Now, think about our prospect.  Our prospect sees us as salesmen.  What are our prospect’s opinions and thoughts when we start to talk to him?  He thinks:  “Oh no, a salesman. Hide my wallet. Hide my car. He is going to talk me into something I don’t want. What’s the catch? I know it will be too good to be true. Be careful!” And from that point on, our prospect stops believing anything we say … and we’re dead.

So our first order of business in any presentation is to establish instant trust and rapport. And then we can start telling our prospects about our wonderful products and opportunity.

Establish rapport???  Yes, that is the first skill in giving a presentation. Tom “Big Al” Schreiter writes the Big Al Report. There are 7 mini-reports on sponsoring that can help motivate you to build fast by showing you exactly what to say and do. Just download the reports at http://www.BigAlReport.com


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