What You Say Is Who You Are by Sid Zagri

Sid ZagriTRY— I see this seemingly harmless little three letter word as much more harmful than the four letter words we are told not to use. Did you know that all four billion brain cells are listening to every word you say to yourself, and every word you say to others about yourself. In Napoleon Hill’s timeless classic “Think and Grow Rich” he discusses a revolutionary concept called “auto suggestion”. In 1937 when Hill’s work was first published he said that autosuggestion worked at helping us manifest the things and or experience we are wanting “by means we do not now understand”. Of course in 1937 human brain science and neural psychology had not progressed to the point that it has today, yet Hill and his contemporaries intuitively knew that “Thoughts are Things”. Today there are extensive bodies of research showing the workings of the brain.  NULL Now there is proof positive that what Hill had put forth is fact. We now know that our brain is a bio-electric organ that transmits very small pulses of electrical current to and from what are called neural transmitters. These transmitters are unbiased, they do not place judgment, and they do exactly as they are told, providing they are operating in a healthy body and brain. In addition our brain produces a variety of hormones that drive much of our behavior.

So our thoughts are in fact made up of millions of these neural transmissions and the more we think the same thoughts the more they become a part of us.

My background is in the martial arts. The first time I threw a punch I had to consciously think about it. After a thousand punches I started to develop some skill. After one hundred thousand punches they had developed into what we call “muscle memory” and I no longer had to think about it. After well over a million punches, this action is so engrained into my mind, body and spirit, that throwing a punch is as natural for me as taking a breath. You can see this same thing in action in your own life. Look at something simple like walking down a flight of stairs, do you think through the action of walking down the stairs? You don’t unless there is a condition in your life that causes you to, like an injury, or having issues with balance etc. Your pattern for walking down stairs is so engrained, that many years ago you stopped thinking about it. This is a powerful double edged sword. On the one hand, you have patterns that you rely on to negotiate your way through your day to day life, on the other hand you may have thoughts and or actions that have a negative impact on your life. There could be things that you say or do that are in support of your beliefs and or the vision that were engrained into your being from the time you were very small…or they could be quite the opposite.

In either case all four billion cells of your brain are listening each time you reinforce one of these messages through thoughts and words.

So much in the same way that the old saying “you are what you eat” points out that the food or other substances we take into our bodies has a direct impact on our overall wellness, a newer saying

“the way you describe yourself to your self and the way you describe yourself to others IS WHO YOU ARE”

points out that the language we use to describe ourselves determines who we are at a very fundamental level. It’s easy to dismiss this because when we eat food that is very fattening it will show up as fat on our bodies, but when we say some that is self deprecating, the evidence may not be so obvious yet can be equally or even more devastating than the effects of being over weight. Remember that each and every word or phrase you think or say shapes who you are at the level of the physical workings of your brain. Your thoughts are who you are. Let’s take a bit of a closer look at this phenomenon: The “T Word” Let’s say you have a goal that you want to reach related to your network marketing business that has a deadline associated with it (rank advancement, bonus qualification, etc.). You and your team are accountable for getting this goal accomplished within the next 90 days. As you discuss the goal with your team you say “we have to try to get this done in the next 90 days” or “I am going to try to get this done in the next 90 days”.

The choice of the word “Try” is actually a dangerous one because you have just sent messages to both your self and your co-workers that not getting this done in the next 90 days is an option…

the word “Try” actually implies that the goal may or may not get done on time. The “T Word”, as I like to refer to it, has the implicit meaning that effort will be put forth and the result will be whatever it will be – it in fact implies the possibility for failure. For this reason I see this seemingly harmless little three letter word as much more harmful than the four letter words we are told not to use. The trick is to catch yourself using the “T Word” whenever possible and replace it with something that empowers you to get the job or task done “no matter what”. An example of using language to support your goal using the scenario above would be “we must do our best to get this done in the next 90 days, no matter what” or “I am going to get this done in the next 90 days, no matter what”. When you use the words that support and empower you to accomplish your goals and tasks, you can actually feel the difference in your body— you can feel the conviction rising from your Chi center (3 inches below your belly button) and manifesting through out the rest of your body. Words are powerful anchors for emotion. When I was competing on the “Better Attitude Makers” national sport Karate competition team we would encourage each other by saying (and often shouting) “Inside Out!”. We regularly said this during practice and at competition time to remind us to dig deep and make sure we were expressing ourselves from the inside out. To this day even writing and thinking those words I feel an incredible surge of energy rush through my mid body and spirit just as I did when I was competing! Imagine if we had said “Try to Win!” This would be like saying “Hey – maybe you will win – maybe you will lose – it’s OK”. In competition the point is to win. That is not to say that winning is the only value to competing – but let’s be clear, at every competition there will be only one first place in each category and at the end only one Grand Champion so our focus and determination is to win! The outcome will be the outcome, but as long as we go into the competition to win by giving our very best, then we have won internally, regardless of the outcome. One of the things I learned from competing in the regional and national Sport Karate competitions was that through persistence and consistent effort the external victory would catch up to the internal victory – meaning that at first I would win internally simply by competing. Later I started placing among the top six in my division and eventually finishing among the top three with an occasional first place. Building your Network marketing business works in the same way.

Our willingness to continue to pursue our vision or purpose starts off as an internal victory because we simply have the conviction to go for it.

Later the external manifestations catch up with what has already taken place on the inside. Once we understand this principal, we must be extremely careful how we describe ourselves to ourselves and how we describe ourselves to others. These words, the way we carry ourselves, the actions we take are all reflections of our character, they actually shape who we are on a moment by moment basis. The challenge is that we must remain vigilant; we must constantly look for ways to use language that is empowering – to do things that are
empowering and to guard against old beliefs and or current negative messages that come to us from external sources. Put this principle into practice in all that you do and you will begin to witness for yourself the power of your own mind in action. The fact is that when you begin to catch “negative self talk”, your life will have transformed forever. You will have grown, your life will be enriched and your business will get to come along for the ride!


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