When Sheeple Are in the Majority by David Dunworth

People are typically the same regardless of business, industry, sector, or community.

There are the masses, and there are the few that lead them. The issues of today are prime examples of the few guiding the many.  By and large, we are a nation of sheeple, following whatever our government tells us to do, how to act (or not), think, believe, and tolerate.

The network marketing world is no different. Leaders (those who have mastered the art of growing their respective downlines) are few, and sheeple are many. Most are reluctant to lead but are more than delighted to be told what to do. That is, they give the impression that they wish to be lead. It is those few real leaders that take action necessary to produce winners within their organization, while the majority eek by.

You’ve seen them all in your network marketing organization. Those are going through the motions while the few rare, ever-growing powerhouses are leading the pack.

How does one become a leader? It isn’t easy, and much of what it takes to be an effective leader is often part of a person’s DNA.

Confidence in one’s abilities to be successful in any endeavor is perhaps the most critical ingredient in becoming a leader. Natural leaders carry great enthusiasm, but it doesn’t have to have come to them at birth. Confidence is a learned trait, mainly through trial and error and repetition. Did you ever hear the answer to the question, “how do you get to Orchestra Hall?” The answer is Practice, practice, practice.

Edification from others provides a perspective to those desiring to be led is influential, but not a contrived notion. Those who are praised must be deserving of the showering of praise, or it may come off as pretentious.  False confidence can result from excessive edification, so be frugal with handing out praise lest you swell someone’s head.

Educate and provide value to those who meet you, whether part of your downline or upline. Those who encounter you will always accept sincere training, mentoring, suggestions, and recognition. Give freely from your heart. Don’t expect anything in return. Give your best efforts to support others, and the rewards appear as if from nowhere.

Continual Self-Development is one of the best things a person can do to improve. Be a lifelong learner and live by example.

The most outstanding leaders of all time were well-read individuals that always sought knowledge and shared it freely.

Give, give, give to others selflessly without expectation. Some call it Karma, while others may call it the Secret. Whatever you wish to call reciprocity, the boomerang effect, manifestation, or whatever, give to others, and it will always come back to you in abundance. It’s a universal law.


The act of consciously leading in the network marketing realm is frequently a direct result of practice what one desires others to treat them. It is the law of “do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” It’s as simple as that, although it may not appear that way unless you are actively looking for it.

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