“When You Talk About Your Business … Are You Telling a Love Story?” By Ann Feinstein

“When You Talk About Your Business … Are You Telling a Love Story?”

Nobody should go through life without love, and nobody should have to do a business without loving it.

Life and business are about passion and relationships. Have you noticed that one feeds off the other? And most of us won’t be truly happy until we find and connect to the right combination.

Finding that deep driving purpose and passion is what gets our hearts pumping, our creative juices flowing, and our drive to do more, and become more so high that we cannot sleep as our minds buzz with anticipation of what is coming next!

We become so energized throwing off the covers each morning, ready to jump into a new day … another new adventure … another opportunity to shine … and pour our love and light on others!

Have you noticed that when you feel like this there is so much electricity in the air …your heart flutters, you feel more confident, even a bit invincible, and everyone you speak to is interested in what’s going on, as your energy is invigorating, your passion is intoxicating, your confidence is exhilarating … and it’s all rippling back and forth!

It’s like relationships, when you have that chemistry there is nothing like it. When you don’t feel it, it’s like seeing a couple in love and you’re alone…you feel sad, empty, lost, stranded, disconnected … and even less worthy.

No one wants to feel that way.

Yes, you should love what you do in our business … one that is built upon solid relationships based on trust, respect, confidence and vision.

Locking arms with like-minded and like-hearted partners in our profession is what keeps people together for a lifetime.

Sure, there will be challenges and even rough patches … it’s almost guaranteed as every great love story has its moments of heart pounding adversity, emotions, growth and transformation. But, when the love, trust, and commitment is so strong, you can face anything together knowing your team really has your back and will find a real solid solution to the struggle.

And all throughout, your team should love how you help them, coach & mentor them, serve them, train & protect them, and set them up for real success with the best team tools and system, support, and leadership so no one with the same passion, focus and energy ever feels left behind.

So, here’s the real “AHA” for most …  and this will hit you:

Our business is felt, not explained … most people want to feel welcomed … loved … nurtured … listened to … appreciated … and even celebrated!!

When people feel, they move … so how you leave people feeling is what they will most remember.

Let that sink in …you can explain until you’re blue in the face … but, without feeling and passion, it is exhausting, and sometimes we wonder why it’s not working.

Truth be told, it’s not working because you don’t feel it. When you feel it…everyone feels it!

I found the only way to be truly happy is to find a place where you can plant your flag, go all in and lead with absolute belief and passion.

The old saying about doing what you love and it’s like you’ve never worked a day in your life. That’s what you have to strive for. When you internalize that …and transfer that energy to your team and prospects … prospects will come in droves.

This profession is the most beautiful business you can be in. We give people hope … we change lives … we create love stories … Never lose sight of that.

So let me ask you … Are You Feeling and Telling a Love Story?

If not, do whatever it takes to get there … or get back there … and the business takes care of itself.


Ann Feinstein
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