When writing is better than using the phone by Tom “Big Al” Schreiter

TomSchreiterProspects require a higher level of communication to build trust. Once the relationship is built, they will look forward to your writing. I don’t like talking on the phone. The two-way communications sometimes becomes one-way communication as the the other person insists on explaining their lifelong drama. We’ve all been subject to a person who talks “at” us. If you have a group, you can’t afford to be listening to drama and unrelated stories. You have to invest your time in helping your group. So, I like to write. It saves me from wasting 30 minutes on unrelated stories, and I can distribute my writing to my whole group. In the early 70’s I started writing newsletters to my downline. They didn’t care how good my writing was, they cared what was in the newsletters. I always included:

* The names of the new distributors. * The names of who sponsored the new distributors (people love to see their name). * A product testimonial. * A third party bit of information that helped sell product. NULL * Recognition to downline who advanced in rank. * The top retailers in my group. * The top recruiters in my group. *The location of the monthly meeting/banquet. * Any contest or promotion details. * Some motivation. * Some jokes and humor. People are guaranteed to look for that.

The downline loved the newsletters as they first looked to see if they were in the newsletter, and then they looked to see if their friends were in also. The lesson?

Content. You don’t have to be a great or fancy writer to be interesting. Just write interesting content.

If you can talk, you can write. In fact, people who write like they talk are more interesting than stiff, big-worded documents. Try adding a picture or two to your writing, and watch the interest increase. I find that people read the captions under the pictures first when reading newsletters. Today, the Internet makes writing inexpensive, almost free. I find the Internet a great way to communicate with current distributors, but a poor way to communicate with prospects.

Prospects require a higher level of communication to build trust. Try using the telephone or Skype video for chatting and building that relationship. Then, once the relationship is built, they will look forward to your writing.

And finally, if you want to look smart, get someone to proof your newsletter before it goes out. It is hard to proof your own writing. So find your biggest critic and ask him to proof! He will gladly look for your mistakes and your final writing will be much better. Learn the inside secrets of network marketing. Download them free at www.BIGALREPORT.COM and start using them right away. Tom “Big Al” Schreiter writes the “The Big Al Report” and his professional networker site is: http://www.FortuneNow.com.


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