Where do our loyalties lie? By Russ DeVan

Russ DeVan

When we’re young, it’s to family, besties, “steadies” and of course, our Schools and corresponding sports teams and mascots. Remember: “Be True To Your School” by The Beach Boys?

And even though many of these loyalties continue in perhaps a more “mature” form into adulthood, other loyalties co-exist or take their place. 

When we find or use a product that really delivers, nothing else, NO substitute will do. When we find a person that delivers excellent service; ie: a Medical practitioner, Dentist, Accountant, Attorney, or even our hair stylist, we don’t “shop” them every time we need the service they provide, we become “loyal” customers!

However, in the culture we know as the profession of Network Marketing, quite often distributors develop a loyalty to the Company that is their primary supplier, forsaking all other companies in this genre in the name of “loyalty.”

Most companies COVET this loyalty, and guard it jealously, but rarely, in my opinion, do they deserve it.

What I’m about to say may not be a popular opinion, nor is it necessarily the truth. It is, however, my perspective and part of the reason I am regarded as the proverbial “skunk at the lawn party.”

As a customer, product loyalty is a choice that fuels passion and courage of conviction. You KNOW it works and has value and that’s precisely why you choose to buy it and continue to. 

 As independent distributors, however, although it is incumbent on every individual to be responsible for their relationship with a supplier, their loyalties, in my opinion, lie squarely with their organization. Not only does their income depend upon it, but so does their productivity and their duplication.

A leader or sponsor inspires trust and confidence in the people they stand by and support.

If the MLM company has a compliance issue or God forbid, a product aberration, more often than not, it is “every man for himself” and the company is so caught up in defending itself that distributor support rapidly declines as a priority.

Remember, we, as distributors do not control what companies do, we are at the effect of it, both good and bad. But as sponsors and leaders, we may not be able to guarantee income or success, but we CAN guarantee SUPPORT!

The most valuable asset of any company is its people: Employees, Sales organization, or network.

This is true of YOUR network as well.

To the degree one can be interested and committed to their core leaders, their customers, their downline, or their team, is the degree to which they will foster loyalty, retention, and duplication….and will set the example for others to do the same...

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Russ DeVan
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