Where Do Women Earn As Much (or More) Than Men? by Michael York

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Michael YorkWomen naturally network, becoming a force of nature well-served by the Network Marketing Industry.

I remember reading the classified ad for the very first time… in 1986! It said simply, “The WOMEN in our business EARN AS MUCH… or MORE, than the MEN!”

Think about it. As attractive as that statement is TODAY- 30 years ago it was like splitting the atom or going to the moon. 

It certainly wasn’t happening in corporate America, glass ceilings were everywhere. Oprah was just coming into her own and (not so) suddenly, NETWORK MARKETING began making serious advances toward WOMEN who then repaid the favor and made serious advances themselves.

On the brink of a brand new year, it is certainly a brand new day when it comes to opportunity for women. You can look at most any list of top producers/performers from marketing to music to the movies and it will likely have significant representation from the female persuasion.

Having said that, and acknowledging the giant leaps that have been made over the years, I still believe the greatest opportunity that exists in the marketplace today is in THIS BUSINESS; The business of creating distribution person to person, the social marketing and telling and selling of products, goods and services that we call NETWORK Marketing!

Men know people, WOMEN HAVE NETWORKS!

Men make money, WOMEN HAVE PASSION for causes and reasons and friends and when they become passionate enough about any of those things STAND BACK, because something BIG is about to happen.

It’s been called “The Oprah Effect,” the way that women share with other women the things that matter most to them, things they have in common, and discoveries that make that can help advance any cause (or business) that they care about.

It is a FORCE OF NATURE and no business I’ve witnessed over five decades provides the platform to advance that force into the marketplace and create time freedom and financial rewards (little or large) like NETWORK MARKETING.

Today there is no shortage of opportunities for (especially) women to have a business on the side or even replace the corporate cubicle. Women want what they want and many of them convince each other that it’s actually possible in this industry to have it all.

If you’re reading this issue of Network Marketing Magazine right now, chances are one of your friends may be trying to convince YOU of that very thing. While the rigors of JOBS (read: hiring, firing, layoffs, rehiring, etc.) and corporate America have taken a toll on so many for so long, somehow it’s STILL acceptable by the masses to get caught up in that “two-income-trap.” While most still look upon opportunity brought right to their door with arms folded while giving another “But, I’m skeptical…” reply.

Here is wisdom.

It is OK to be SKEPTICAL. In fact it’s part of our nature.

But be on guard that you don’t cross the line into that dark place of becoming CYNICAL.

There is a big difference and while opportunity and truth can, and does, make a strong case toward the skeptical, it will most often pass right on by the cynical.

The fact is that in our society today NEGATIVE IS NORMAL and the positive-can-do-making-a-difference-individual typically has neither the time nor the interest in interacting with one more NEGATIVE, CYNICAL, CAN’T-HAPPEN-FOR-ME-OR-YOU, friend, neighbor or relative. Still love you, but can’t offer opportunity to you, too much energy required for too little return. See you later my cynical friend…

This business/industry is NO RESPECTER OF PERSONS!

It does not care about your age or your education or what you did or didn’t do on your last job or in your last business. Doesn’t care whether you’re a stay-at-home mom or a corporate rat-racer.

It cares about your passion and your commitment to seize upon THIS OPPORTUNITY and make the most of it. And oh, by the way, this business is going to provide you built-in tools, and infra-structure and mentors and coaches and super-positive environments and individuals to help you become a better YOU!

It’s a package deal.

The great thing about selling anything is learning/knowing that MOST people will say NO.

To whatever you are offering them.

It was true when I was selling cookware in the 70’s, advertising in the 80’s and 90’s and selling myself and my business since then.

But the rest of the story is that if you just keep making the offer, just keep showing and telling, just keep exposing whatever opportunity you’re excited about to more people, someone will say YES.

And this is a business where you don’t need EVERYBODY, you just need SOMEBODY. And when it’s the right SOMEBODY and they become passionate about whatever the reason is that they’re doing THIS THING with you, some amazing things can happen. They already have. And lots of those amazing things have been done by WOMEN.

Here are 3 things to look for (and look out for) when you’re choosing your THING:

1. CHOOSE SOMETHING that doesn’t hinge on CHANGING People’s HABITS when it comes to CONSUMING. If you can it’s great for it to revolve around something that most of us do ANYWAY, almost AUTOMATICALLY on a daily or regular basis. That means we not only USE/ORDER it today, but we continue USING/ORDERING it for a long time to come. And that means residual (royalty) or continuing income.

2. BET ON SOMEONE to help you get it started/get it done. Anytime you hear successful or even aspiring individuals in this business talk about their success they’re more often than not giving credit to a coach or mentor. BIG CLUE, get one! Their success depends largely on your success.

3. In the beginning HIGH ACTIVITY is required. With most anything, the hardest part is the START. So don’t limp into your new THING, DIVE IN! Go for it, make some waves, get a little out of your comfort zone and out of your “routine” to get things rolling. Ask your coach/mentor for help then show them you DESERVE IT by doing what they ask you to do. This almost always creates MOMENTUM and that changes everything eventually. Go for it!

4. (Bonus) Look out for too old, too slow, too little residual income once you’ve built your THING. Look around and ask around, how are others doing in this area after they’ve been at it for awhile. Most people do this for CONTINUING income. There are lots of ways to just MAKE

MONEY, but not that many ways to make RESIDUAL or continuing income. Make sure your THING allows you to build something that can continue growing and paying you.

If you’re IN already or still looking for your THING, keep going. If you need to CHANGE THINGS, take a step back and look at the landscape of opportunities out there, for there are many.

If you’ve heard WINNERS NEVER QUIT, you were lied to. Winners quit all the time. History confirms it. They just QUIT THE WRONG THING at the right time. Read Seth Godin’s book THE DIP and you’ll understand what I mean.

If you want more information that might help you find YOUR RIGHT THING, you can email me at

[email protected] and I’ll be happy to share some additional “secrets” in this business where



You go girl.

To Your Big Life,


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