Where do you find perfect prospects for your network marketing business? by Dale Calvert

Author_21946DaleCalvertThink about this for a minute, who is the perfect prospect for your business?

Personally I have always believed that your goal is to professionally get your business and products in front of as many people as you possibly can, because when it is all said and done, building a team is not really about a particular person, it is about who they know. That is why we have always taught to ask for referrals. If the timing is not right for a person AFTER THEY SEE THE ENTIRE STORY, we simply say, no problem, if you were going to do this business who would be the first person you would talk to?

Most people know people who have the work ethic, mindsets, and leadership abilities it takes to develop a network marketing organization, even if they personally don’t possess and or have no desire to develop them. Learning how to properly ask for referrals and teach this skill set to your team will take you a long way in this industry over time.

With that said, the Great Art Williams said your perfect prospect is in their 30′s, married, has a family, owns a home and has not made it financially yet, but THEY WANT TO REAL BAD! I have never forgotten that quote from Art, and that is why in our direct mail training we teach people how to target these types of people.

The question I have for you, is where do these people hang out?

Do they have a business mentality?

When they happen to turn on the TV Set are they watching Lavern and Shirley or Shark Tank?

To find the perfect prospect you need to hang out where they hang out. One place you can find these people is at Small Business Expo’s. Again, I believe that it should be your goal to PROFESSIONALLY get your business and product in front of as many people on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis as you can. However when given the chance to hang out where your perfect prospects are, you should take advantage of that. Another great place to hand out is infomercial seminars. When I was building my teams I always went to every TV Infomercial Seminar within driving distance. I always learned something from the presenters, but I also understood it was a great place to surround myself with entrepreneurial minded people. Of course I also made it a goal that nobody was going to leave the event until they had a $100 Bill Dropcard in their hand.


Get a list of upcoming small business expo’s you may want to check out. You can learn more about these events here….. http://www.thesmallbusinessexpo.com and let me know how you made out and also let me know you got my information from my friends at The Network Marketing Magazine!

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