Which Category Do You Fall Into? By Robert Butwin

Which category do you fall into? By Robert Butwin I have lived a successful life, been married to the same person for 31 years, have two great kids and have coached many people who have become successful. I have traveled…

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Robert Butwin

Robert Butwin grew up in his family’s business with every expectation of someday running the show. After all, his family founded the high school award cheerleading jacket business, which was in its third generation in an ever expanding market and Robert was the oldest son!

But like most best laid plans, reality intruded on the blueprint for Robert’s success. First of all, there was too much family in the family business! Second, Robert was repelled by the corporate politics which he knew existed in most businesses. And third – which proved to be the deal breaker – Robert did not want to be ruled by the expectations of others. He wanted to break free of the dictates about when he had to work, how long he had to work and when he could take time off.

In his mind’s eye he knew his future involved world travel and making positive differences in the lives of those he came in contact with.

Robert has twice been honored for his industry contributions by being named Networker of the year from the MLMIA. He is often invited to speak at network marketing and internet marketing industry events - - always with the intent of reaching as many people and businesses as he can – so they too can succeed as he has. In 2008, Robert served as the Chairman of the Elite Network Marketing Congress in Singapore, showcasing the global reach of Robert’s mission.

Robert is a natural coach and author of the book Street Smart Networking, first published in 1994 to share his success secrets with others. Street Smart Networking is a no-nonsense guide on how you can live the most richly rewarding lifestyle you can possibly imagine.
Robert Butwin
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