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Em Lovs

Getting the tone right in leadership can be one fine balancing act, not to be overwhelming and yet not to be missing in action. 

Are you leading by example, providing duplicatable systems, being supportive, or simply over-involved and burning out. 

“Before you are a leader, success is all about growing yourself.  When you become a leader success is all about growing others” ~ Jack Welch

There are different types of leaders, which we will explore in more detail momentarily, there are “Helicopter Leaders”, “Martyr Leaders” “The PTA Leader”, “Tiger Leaders”, and “Legendary Leaders”.  Just how do you get the leadership style right for you when it comes to developing leaders in your teams?

When a newbie comes into your fold, just like a newborn baby they need special care.  Smoother them, and they will suffocate, neglect them and they will suffer SNWD (Sudden Network Marketer Death). 

They require regular feeding, naps, a little love, and healthy boundaries when they hit toddlership, the bit where they don’t think they need you and cause a glitter bomb trail of destruction, you need to show them how to sprinkle gently and use glue. 

How do we then help these newborn Network Marketers grow up threw to maturity without being patronizing!  First, you need to learn your leadership style, have a look through, and where do you relate – usually it’s where you laugh on this one. Let’s get this straight right now, you will naturally fit into one or more of these categories unless you are superhuman.

The Helicopter Leader

The helicopter leader is the one that is always hovering over every zoom call, constantly sending the “just checking in mate, did you eat your breakfast” text.  The helicopter leader encourages their leaders to be independent, and pushes them to go out into the field, but is always there, interfering and redirecting their leaders, ready to swoop in and “rescue” at the slightest sight of distress or difficulty.  They grow into leaders that believe that they are independent, yet still, ask how to tie their shoelaces. 

Ultimately the recruits of the helicopter leader are left with plenty of motivation, but very little self-confidence to step out on their own two feet.    

Martyr Leaders

Martyr leaders are responsible for everything, with an attitude of if you want a job done properly do it yourself. 

They insist on leading all the team training, turning up with full-blown COVID and half a leg hanging off.  They take great pains in announcing to the world on social media that they turned up despite the apocalypse and that if they can do it, so can everyone else.  They parade the sacrifices they made in their family life as a badge of honor and are totally incapable of delegating.  If any member of their team is living through a personal health challenge or tragedy, they take glee in reminding them that they got up on stage hooked up to a drip hours beforehand to deliver an award-winning speech with a 42c fever and a parent in ICU.  They sucked it up and so should everyone else.  If they don’t they will be shown the door.

 The recruits of the martyr leader often are united together in solidarity of not liking their leader, in fact, they think they are a bit of an asshole.    Yet they fail to flourish as they never feel good enough or appreciated for what they do. 

The PTA Leader

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