Who What Where When and How By George Madiou

Who What Where When and How… start here for the most effective way to gain quality leads.

What are you looking for? Customer leads? Leads that turn into business partners? Out of all of the topics we have covered in The Network Marketing Magazine, leads and prospecting has been the most sought-after topic more than any other.

I believe that this is NOT the most important topic! After reading almost 4,000 articles, going on 16 years, by the top experts in the industry,

I have concluded that the most important topic is NOT Leads. It is What To Say!

That’s right, what to say is more important than acquiring leads. I have often been asked by new distributors if they should buy leads. I’m not against purchasing leads, however, any distributor, especially a new person, needs to develop the skillset of what to say to a prospect.

You learn this skill set from a number of sources.

The first source is your upline leaders and company leaders. These individuals can learn how to handle what to say to both customer and business-building prospects. One of the best people many people learn from is Tom “Big Al” Schreiter. “Big Al,” writes the most effective column on what to say each month in TheNetworkMarketingMagazine.com

My biggest tip is to use Who What Where When and How

What to say to a prospect can become easy when you employ this simple 5 question guide. When you use this line of questioning, it helps you strike up a conversation with your prospect about the most important thing that they want to talk about…. them! Go down the 5 trigger words to fashion questions to find out what is important to them.

As you strike up the conversation, you will learn what they are most concerned about or interested in. The more you allow them to talk, the more they will see that you care about them.

Practice this often. Practice it with your spouse, your children, your friends. The more you use this guide, the more comfortable you’ll become with people you don’t know, and a whole new world will open up where you don’t need to buy leads!

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