Who are Servant Leaders? by Bob Schwartz

Bob SchwartzSee your life as a way of helping others. Your service will lead to greatness. “Whoever wants to become great among you must be your servant ” Mark 10:43

Servant leaders are people who chose to serve others first, then lead as a way of expanding opportunities to individuals and companies.

Servant leaders encourage trust, foresight, listening, the fair use of power, and empowerment. Robert Greenleaf first coined the phrase, “servant leadership” in 1970. He has a website http://greenleaf.org Servant leadership begins with a natural inclination to serve. The desire to serve precedes the desire to lead. Then, a conscious choice brings a servant leader to the point of aspiration to serve by leading. So, what do “leader first” and “servant first” types look like in network marketing? NULL A well-known, billion dollar producer and independent distributor, Jeff Roberti explains it this way, “It’s like throwing a wet noodle on a table. If you try to push that noodle, it gets all messy. But if you tug on it, and pull it – it becomes easy.” Maybe “leader firsts” are push marketers, the kind that say, “Sign up today, do it now, now, now” and “servant firsts” are pull marketers, the kind that say, “If you like what you see, and think it might work for you, then we can take the next step together.” Anyone can guess which approach works best when recruiting the new distributors into your network marketing business.

But, this is not to say that servant leaders are never direct. The ultimate servant leader, Jesus Christ, was very direct when he needed to be.

To some of his first disciples, he simple said, “Follow me,” and they followed. (John 2:43) Whenever I start a new project, I find it helpful to evaluate my intentions to make sure the project springs from a desire to serve first. The projects that emerge from a “Service first” mentality are always the most blessed ones. I’ve seen servant leadership lead to great success for many entrepreneurs and their organizations. See your life as a way of helping others. Your service will lead to greatness.


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