Who Are You Listening To? by Jan Ruhe

Interested is interesting. The more the other person talks the better the chance of them hearing you, liking you and them becoming a part of your life and fabulous future. Isn’t it time to listen to your inner self, to that…

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Jan Ruhe

Jan Ruhe has been in Network Marketing for over 32 years, 30 in the same company where she made millions. She left that company in 2012 as a Legacy Diamond.

Jan has written 14 best sellers in the Network Marketing/Personal Growth field, has trained over 200,000 distributors around the world and is a legend in Network Marketing as she actually built a business from the ground up. She had over 80,000 in her network in the USA alone with 40 direct active leaders.

Jan became a millionaire in 1994 and has trained many distributors who have gone on to be millionaires in their own companies. Jan is the mother of 3 grown children and lives in Colorado and Florida with her husband Bill when they are not traveling the world. Jan is constantly booked speaking/training around the globe.

Her message to all is "Don't be average, be a champion."
Jan Ruhe

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