Who cares what YOU’RE looking for? by Michael Oliver

Michael OliverAs Michael says, “it’s a shame that so many people make avoidable mistakes and miss out on the opportunities from calling leads the correct way!” I was giving one of my regular training and coaching calls over the phone this week when one of the participants decided to put down the phone and talk to a lead on another phone without hanging up or putting the coaching call on mute. WE decided to listen – and learn! (Actually we had no choice as it’s no fun talking over someone else’s conversation) And we learned lots! One thing that came out of it was this comment; “This is what I’m looking for…” followed by, “I’m looking for someone who is coachable, who is serious about the business and is interested in earning a six figure income…”

So what did we learn? As the title of this article indicates… we learned; who cares what WE want?

 NULL Most of our potential customers and associates don’t. As I’ve said many times over the last 10 years, they care about what THEY want. Of course, while qualifying potential customers and associates for these things could well be important for you, you don’t “Tell” them that in such a direct way. Except for a small percentage of people, who by their nature will put up with this kind of behavior, most will be turned off by posturing like this.

So instead of “Telling” them what you want, turn your telling into questions. Ask them…

Would you say you’re a coachable type of person who is open to looking at and learning a simple easy way of approaching people and building a business? Can I ask how serious you are about creating an income opportunity for yourself – by perhaps grading yourself from 1- 10… 10 being absolutely serious…? What kind of income are you looking to earn say within the first year? Then you get into dialogue as to their expectations and yours. It’s all about two people working together, in a neutral zone, without either one posturing.

Now that’s real Natural Selling Dialogue in action!

It’s a shame that so many people make avoidable mistakes and miss out on the opportunities from calling leads. I’m firmly of the view that calling leads from a bona fide source is one of the best and fastest ways to build your business. When you talk with your leads the correct way, that is!


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