Who Said The Glass is Half Empty? by David Feinstein

DavidLFeinsteinxLet’s get back to YOUR VIEW. Just how do you see yourself, your life, and your business? Do you GIVE yourself the awareness of abundance?  So, here I am thinking about what it is that people mean when they talk about the “glass being half empty versus half full”.

I guess it’s about your view, sort of like do you feel that you’ve got enough in your life… or is there never enough?

So what’s your view? How do you see your life and your business? Do you have enough income in your life? Do you have enough clients? Enough vacation time? Enough clothes? Enough time with your family? Enough wellness and good health? Enough personal “freedom”? Are you running out of “prospects” to introduce your business to? NULL It’s amazing that probably 90% of the working world is basically unhappy, unfulfilled, underpaid, under appreciated, overworked, disappointed and they don’t see a way out of their “DILEMMA”. I call that the RAT RACE…everyone’s trying to ESCAPE THE RAT RACE. OK, so let’s get back to YOUR VIEW. Just how do you see yourself, your life, and your business? Are you the type of person who says “I have nobody to talk to about my business”, “I need more people to speak to”, “where do I find more prospects”? You know, it all comes down to how you see things. Recently, a new team member in my business (network marketing), said to me, “David I don’t know what to do, I have nobody left to speak to…I’ve spoken to everyone I know.” And then I asked the MAGIC QUESTION…tell me when you look out your window at that beautiful high rise building across the street, how many people do you know there? And in your lovely little town or city, how many people live there…and how many do you know? If the answer is something like “I don’t know anyone in that building”, or “I only know about 16 people in my town (out of 60,000)…then let’s just get realistic here friends. How serious are you about finding prospects? Because if you were very serious, you’d be realizing that there’s an entire building in front of you filled with people you don’t YET know…and that you still have 59,984 people in your town/city for you to get to know! Now just how serious were you? You see my friends…

To me, the glass was never half empty…and it was never half full…I see above this glass a PITCHER filled with water and an endless stream of water being poured into the glass…and the glass is OVERFLOWING with water.

Yes, it’s all about ABUNDANCE thinking. I truly believe that there’s enough of everything in this world for everyone who wants something. Our world is so rich with abundance of people, abundance of food, abundance of material things, abundance of money, abundance of wellness, abundance of everything that each of us can think or dream of…our universe provides all this for us. All WE have to do is believe that we are deserving of it, want it badly enough, sometimes be willing to sacrifice for it, and make it materialize into our lives. So, the lesson for today is; what you think about you can materialize into your life, it’s part of the teachings and philosophy of Napoleon Hill from his very wonderful book called “THINK AND GROW RICH”.

Today’s life lesson….simple, easy…a PITCHER OF WATER FILLING YOUR LIFE WITH ABUNDANCE.

Enjoy the blessings of the day! David Feinstein



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David Feinstein
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