Why having a die-hard attitude attracts more long-term success for businesses? By David Feinstein

Why having a die-hard attitude attracts more long-term success for businesses?

Not many people, like others with a bad attitude. This goes for a business that tends to get tripped up on bad days. Their mood depends too much on gaining sales in rapid succession. They want wealth and prosperity, but fear days that are a bit dry and long-winded. This isn’t conducive for long term success. If a small business owner has a swing set of attitudes towards their business. It will be hard for them to see into the future. Their plans tend to be short term and always changing.

There isn’t much hope for them unless they are willing to change their whole outlook and start having a “will do” attitude. A die-hard attitude tends to help in critical situations in which the business needs some adjustment. This attitude helps pull out the bad moods and realign the vision and action elements. This means that a bad day doesn’t have to be dramatic, it can be a learning experience that will benefit the marketer.

Why Bad Days are the Best Days for Marketers?

Bad days are the best days for marketers and here is why. These days will show that the marketer is still human. Mistakes are made, errors can be corrected, blog posts didn’t get read or whatever happened to shift the day into one that is bleak and black. The beautiful aspect is that the marketer can learn from the situation. They don’t have to buy into the angst or depressive elements, as long as they have the die-hard “I can do this attitude” going on.

Even if a bad day happens, taking a moment to step away is a good thing. Relax and come back with a persevering heart. The only difference between winners and losers is the desire to overcome the challenges that face them. The need to break through the wall often drives the most successful people. They never stop improving and never settle for second best and this is the die-hard attitude that can be earned. Not learned or bought with money, but earned with blood, sweat, and tears.

Breathe, Smile and Focus on Perseverance

Do not give up, if Bill Gates would’ve given up. Microsoft would be a powerful giant it is today. If Jeff Weiner would’ve given up, LinkedIn would still be a concept on a piece of napkin. The point is that some ideas will fail, even with all the heart and soul put into it. Breath, smile and focus on figuring out what went wrong. Do not get obsessive over it but try a different angle. Face those walls and use a sledgehammer to break it down. Even the most stubborn wall will eventually crack and it will come apart.

Know the limitations of the tools and resources that are in your arsenal. What do you need to write better blogs? How much more time do you need to earn that certificate in content marketing? Give yourself some breathing room, don’t be in a rush. Examine the data and save it for future study. Try something new as an experiment and track its success rate.

David Feinstein
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