Why is emotional writing a powerful tool? by David Feinstein

Emotions are the spice that makes life more flavorful. There are some great flavors and not so good ones. There are articles and other content that does well, only becauseone, they target their audience and two, have emotions that are relatable. So, a clear picture to why emotional writing is powerful, but we need to clarify the focus some more. In everyday life, people experience all types of emotions. It’s not simple to write about it, considering anyone can say I am happy, it’s more eloquent to explain the emotion in the content.

Describe and not tell your emotions

When it comes to writing with emotions, the focus has to be on descriptive element. It is so easy to say I am angry, which is ok. However, it is best to lead the reader through the rush, the blood boiling moment and to show them the volcano of the particular emotion. Describing it can enhance your content, especially if you do it in a non-direct way. When you craft a success story, you would want to express several types of emotions in the body. You cannot sacrifice the quality of the story for emotional value.

When it comes to editing your story, keep in mind the storyline needs to be coherent. Every part of the story must work together or its going to fall apart. The basic material should first focus on the facts about the story. The next focus belongs to the conclusion and call for action. Followed up is the cited sources, grammar and punctuation work. The last aspects are the audience and emotional value that you place within the body.

Working the storyline before penning it

Before penning any story, there is some prep work that needs to be done. The first step is to brainstorm the idea, followed by fact research and note taking. Once your notes are done, you can contemplate format design. Go ahead and sketch out a format in or on a document. Include graphic layouts and possible ad layout. You can now visualize what your story may look like. Then you can figure out if the story needs emotional value. Some stories require a lot of value and some the bare minimum.

Emotional writing is tricky to say the least. The best way to gauge the need for everything is the purpose and style of the material. Explain the emotion as best as you can, do not overdo it. If it is a bit undercooked, you can change it later. People are scared to leave comments, but if they do and if it is a quality comment. You can tell by the quality of the comments if the content and everything is good.


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