Why Serving Others Leads to Long Term Happiness? By David Feinstein

Why Serving Others Leads to Long Term Happiness?

Serving others is one of the hardest tasks in life. Especially doing so with a humble heart that is pride and gloat-free. It’s the smallest things we do to make someone’s day to helping some learn a new skill that will lead to long-term happiness. Life is not always about making big money or driving a fancy BMW. When we help others, our spirit is filled with a joy that cannot be found elsewhere. People remember those who are kind and caring in a better way. People remember those who are out for themselves to some degree and usually don’t speak well of such people. You have one life to live, there is no reset button or extra lives. Use it wisely.

Life-Long Happiness and Success for Serving Others instead of Self

Serving others has benefits, overcoming oneself is very difficult. It may seem to be humiliating to be humble and put one’s own self off in the corner for a time out. It’s not, it shows that you are caring and love others enough to focus on their needs and help them pick up speed. Life is challenging enough, with the violence and political storms all over the world. The best we can do to make life more endurable is help our teams during the battle.

There is a sense of fulfillment that no gadget or vacation can fulfill. There is no amount of money that can ever replace the sense of peace and joy as there is humbling helping your team achieve their independence and freedom from the traditional workforce. When you learn to put yourself away for a moment and listen, truly concentrate on what the person is saying, you will learn so much. This means putting down the smartphone or away and keeping eye contact. Saying a simple hello can brighten up everyone’s day.

Challenge Yourself to help others around you

Challenge yourself every day to help someone. It can be doing the dishes, to helping someone learn how to market their business. Be friendly and smile to your friends and family. Relax and offer advice only when they ask for it. You will grow as a leader and the respect will grow. You may even see your business blossom even more by helping those who need it. Don’t let pride get in the way of being truly humble. Accept both criticism and praise, don’t gloat but move onward to helping your team. Make time for yourself to relax with loved ones and those who hold dear. It doesn’t matter how much you make if you keep losing members because you don’t care enough to help them succeed.


Serving others-David Feinstein


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