Why Steve Jobs is one of my Sales Heroes By Shiera O’Brien

What made Jobs the Selling Genius he was?

Steve Job was a quantum thinker and a man living outside the box of ordinary thinking. I was always curious about the impact and sheer size of his creation; Apple, a company that came to permeate every aspect of our lives, in such a dramatic way, in just a few decades.

Jobs was famous for saying I want to put a ding in the universe. To me, he was a selling genius and the creative engine behind the growth of the company. He is one of my sales heros.

Think Different

In learning from people who excel in any field, I want to know how do they think? Where does their focus need to be, to create outstanding results? I have read his biography, watched his documentaries and interviews, the products launches, and the movies about his life. 

I hoped to get an insight into what made the Apple business model so successful, aside from the obvious: elegant product design, software engineering, quality products, and great marketing. It became an adventure of understanding into who made it successful and how did he do it?

I hope that the salespeople who are looking to “think different” might take a few ideas from here and have a different day tomorrow, where they look at their products and business model in a way they never did before and out-create their own thinking and those of their competitors, by using Jobs as a great role model.

Thinking Holistically

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