Why team members struggle. by Tom “Big Al” Schreiter

My answer?

“What books have you read about sponsoring and recruiting so far? What did you learn from those books? And from your company’s training sessions, what techniques worked best for you?”

John replies, “I haven’t read any books. I did not go to any training workshops. I have been surfing the Internet for months, but haven’t found anything that works.”


I spent some time with John explaining the business, but here is the short version of what I suggested.

If we want to learn a brand new profession such as accounting, engineering, becoming a lawyer, or becoming a professional network marketer … we will have to take this more seriously than just surfing the internet. No one learns a profession by reading a post on Facebook or watching Tik Tok.

We have to learn real skills. That is why we pay professionals big money.

I wish we could make a fortune by surfing the Internet, memorizing a few phrases, and being positive. That would be nice, but unrealistic.

We have to ask ourselves, “Am I serious? Or just playing here?”

Learning will take time.

But, it can be done.

We can succeed in this profession, or almost any profession, if we get serious and learn real skills


Can we get referrals from people who don’t buy?

We can get referrals from people who buy and don’t buy. Here is how.

Ask for referrals before we start our presentation. Here is an example of what we could say.

Imagine we sold discounted electricity. To our prospects, we say: “Most people who use our service save a lot on their electricity bill. And, they want to keep their friends and relatives from overpaying also.

Now, you may or may not want to save money with us. That is up to you. But could you do me a favor?

If you decide to save money with us or not, would you at least let your friends and relatives know they can save a lot of money on their electric bill too?”

Getting more presold prospects is easy when we know exactly what to say.


Getting referrals.

The punishment for not asking for referrals is … prospecting. Ouch.

So how do we get referrals? How do we get others to send pre-sold customers to us?

The first strategy? Become referable. Ask ourselves, “What have I done for my customer or prospect to be referable? Here is our chance to give exceptional service and deserve referrals.

The good news? We don’t have to do much to exceed our competition. Almost any customer service stands out.

But where is the best place to get referrals?

Through followup. We can use special words to compel referrals from our non-buying prospects.


“Learn to work harder on yourself than on your job.” – Jim Rohn…

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Tom "Big Al" Schreiter
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