Why Trust is Better than Cash? By David Feinstein

Why Trust is Better than Cash?

Is trust better than cash?

Many people would think cash is better than trust in most cases. They may be right in some instances, but for a business, cash flows are issues that we need to deal with. By increasing value for the consumer and by speaking to the direct needs of said consumer. The bottom line is that trust is far better than cash and this article will show you why.

Trust is Difficult to Earn, while cash is easier

As adults, we tend to stick to our friends and family, which includes people at work or in similar business settings. We don’t tend to outreach much, unless we run a business. So, you can see gaining trust from a stranger is lot harder for us the business owners. We have to strike a nerve of confidence and trust in those who come to us. Cash is easier to earn from those who wish to achieve their goals. We provide those solutions, but what about those who don’t know me or you.

To build such trust, we communicate through our marketing materials. We can hold webinars or attend events. While online, we create blogs, videos and other content. But this doesn’t always gain trust, no matter how hard we meet the need of the individual. While some of us are going a bit beyond, by retweeting and visiting other likeminded people on their sites. We could engage our customers by answering common questions and reading forum posts. We could interact more on social media with our followers.

Trust builds long term capital growth

Once we execute our marketing plans; we can build an intimate relationship with this person. This doesn’t mean hit them with an offer, but to offer a deep inside solution to their symptoms and ask your own questions as well. This should create a dialog that you can save and analyze later for creating content to help bring others to your inbox.

Over time, the people that you connect with through marketing may not “buy” into your business. Yet, they may share your business with someone that “needs” what you offer. This may lead to a greater sale or stability. Don’t be impatient, all sales are good sales. It’s good to have a positive cash flow, but even the best businesses will dip into the red for the right moment.

Final Wisdom on Trust

Trust is a rare currency that could bring in cash. Without trust, your business will go under. So, use trust rarely and be careful on who you network with as well. Sometimes a bad partner can hurt your business in a way that it could take some time to recover from. Be transparent in all your dealings and you will gain trust from those outside your circle. You can also foster deeper relationships with those within your circle. Only then can you build an empire that you can be proud of.

David Feinstein
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