Why We Never Take Care of Ourselves Until It’s Too Late by David Feinstein

DavidLFeinsteinxThere’s got to be something said for strategic planning.

Let’s see, we plan for vacations to make them the best that they can be because well… they’re precious… and you don’t know if and when you’ll get another.

We even plan for day trips. We want to take the best route that’s going to get us in the least amount of trouble possible when it comes to traffic, accidents, or speeding tickets.

We plan our weddings very carefully. It’s the BIG DAY, everything has to be perfect, dresses have to stay white, ring bearers shouldn’t slide on knees until the reception, and speaking of the ring – where’s the Best Man and does he have the ROCK on a wire?

The Best Man has his own problems because he’s got to plan the perfect speech after all so he doesn’t look like a dope in front of everyone.

How about Christmas? We know it’s coming so we start shopping early; kids start making lists early; stores put out decorations in April right alongside the Easter stuff (okay, but I’m not too far off); we join Christmas clubs so that we don’t blow the Christmas wad on nights out, etc.

We Plan and Plan – Except for Where It Really Counts

So we plan for all of these things, but what about where it really counts. What about the inevitable that we don’t plan for?

How about our health and aging?

Why do we not plan for that better? Isn’t that infinitely more important than vacations and day trips?

Heck if you don’t plan for your health…. then you probably won’t get another vacation, it’s as simple as that.

There’s really no logical reason why people wouldn’t plan for what they’re certain is coming, but without being a psychologist, I can only guess that there are some really deep-rooted mental reasons why.

• Fear… don’t want to even think about it.

• Pleasure vs. Pain… the pain in this case is actually doing the things that it takes to take care of your health.

• Instant Gratification… that Twinkie tastes good now, so the health can wait.

• And more than I can list without a text book.

We see examples of these things every day, both with ourselves and others around us. I mean come on… how many times have you seen the obviously overweight person walking through the door at Dunkin Donuts, or with that box of Ho-Ho’s at the convenient store counter and thought “You really don’t need that”.

But in a way, we’re all hypocrites when it comes to this behavior and way of thinking. Well most of us anyway.

In one article I can’t solve this problem. I probably couldn’t do it in a whole book, or series of books. Just go to Amazon and type in health and you’ll see that it’s already been tried. Doctors who actually try to help their patients and not just sell them on the next miracle drug don’t seem to be able to help either – even when they are actually trying. You can only tell the diabetic to check his or her blood sugar 3 to 5 times a day, but you can’t make them do it. And they’re usually the ones with Ho-Ho’s anyways.

But hopefully with this article, my friends and I will all be able to at least recognize what we’re doing to ourselves, our future health, and stop it when we start. Before it’s too late!


Submitted by David L. Feinstein, noted business coach and home business entrepreneur, who is the author of various articles and books that help to empower individuals to excellence. www.annanddavidfeinstein.com

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