Why women succeed in network marketing by Jennifer Friedman

Why women succeed in network marketing….

Most women I know are being pulled in a thousand different directions. 

Often times we are made to choose between having a family and becoming successful in our careers.  It’s a constant struggle for women, especially those with an entrepreneurial spirit.  For many of us, that stereotypical day job just isn’t feasible.  There is, however, an answer to this conundrum that women often face- enter the realm of network marketing.

Years ago, (pre children), I was an independent retailer.  I owned 3 successful retail establishments and literally worked 7 days a week.  I had an unquenchable thirst for business ownership and poured my heart and soul into my business.  Fast forward, I had 2 children and a family that needed to be taken care of.  That 7 day work week just didn’t fit into my lifestyle anymore.  I had to make the difficult choice to leave my businesses and move on.

That initial pleasure I received from staying home with my kids and tending to the household didn’t last long. 

My entrepreneurial fire kept burning and I was constantly looking for something that would satisfy my need to build something meaningful.  When I was initially introduced to network marketing, I remember thinking it was a joke.  This was a pyramid scheme, no one can make any real money at this, right? However, something in my gut told me that this could be what I was looking for.  Women are social, women build relationships with others.  If we can build a revenue stream simply by sharing and talking with one another, imagine the possibilities!

Network marketing is a brilliant way for women to jump into the business arena and really make an impact. 

When a woman has passion for something, there is no stopping her.  Take that passion for a product or a cause and have her share it with the world.  That’s when the magic happens.  There’s no secret as to why women flock to network marketing as a side hustle or main gig.  Network marketing affords women choices.  She is able to choose her working hours. She is able to choose her business partners.  She can build and grow and share as she sees fit.  She can set goals, mentor and achieve if she chooses to.  She can walk the stage at a corporate convention or work while waiting to pick up the kids from school.  She can choose her path, and choice is an amazing thing. Network marketing is a dream job for women.  When I decided to make the leap from traditional retail to network marketing, my world opened up.  I was no longer chained to a storefront- I was free…and making 6 figures!

Network marketing is a blessing for so many women and to know that there is a pathway to success on her own terms… priceless.

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    Jennifer Friedman is a retail veteran with over 20 years of experience.She worked with several network marketing companies and is currently a Diamond Ambassador with New U Life. Jennifer is a passionate entrepreneur, focusing on health and wellness.
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