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Kevin AbdulrahmanI may not know everything at any given moment and time, but I am the kind of guy who takes action with what he knows. When it comes to Taking Action, I believe it, live it and teach it. I do it because for years I have told my students in conferences, seminars and trainings that the reason I reached my goals and am blessed to do the great things I am doing today is not because I am better than anyone- Far from it! In my circle of friends, and for those clients who know me intimately, I am known as The Action Man. I may not know everything at any given moment and time, but I am the kind of guy who takes action with what he knows. If an idea sounds good, I want to make a move on it. If things look good, I want a piece of the pie. If I need to think it through, I do so and get on with it.

Without knowing what to do, I am the guy that says, “Let’s Do it”

 NULL Growing up, I can tell you that I didn’t have any clear advantage over those around me. To this day I believe that I am not the smartest, I am not the best looking, I am not the person with deepest pockets, I am not the most talented. I am not the most able- You name it, for most resource, skill, ability, area you can think of, I am not the best at it (except for being voted as the best motivational speaker in the Middle east, Asia and Indian subcontinent). That aside, what has always been my strength and what I have always noticed to be common with successful people who Get Hard Results is their ability and willingness to Take Action. Most people that I encounter these days are seeking a change in some aspect of their life. They want to change their life results for the better. Many of these individuals are people who are knowledgeable, smart, ambitious and are desperately wanting to ensure that their life from this point on is not the same as their past. They complain that things are not where they would like them to be. They know there is more in them.

Action Separates Winners from would-be winners. Action separates the successful few from the frustrated masses.

With that in mind, I will share with you excerpts form one of my Training Programs that revolves around The Importance of Taking Action in order for you to achieve your goals and dreams. Thinking About It It is great to think, reflect, question and allow your mind to wonder. Everything in moderation though. Some people unfortunately sell themselves short because they are great retainers of information, have great thoughts and ideas but sadly are unable to convert them into Hard Results. They think and think and think and think and think and think remaining in the loop of thoughts. Think about it – Nothing comes about from just thinking about it. Yes thinking is a process that is important for everyone to do, but what brings about Hard Results, is not Hard Thinking. Hard thinking alone will bring you a good dose of head ache. Hard Results are achieved through Action. Want to clean your room? Thinking about it? Thinking about it won’t get you far- Take Action Want to lose those extra few kilos? Thinking about it? Thinking about it won’t get you far- Take Action Want to make more money? Thinking about it? Thinking about it won’t get you far- Take Action

The only way you can convert what you view in your mind’s eye into reality (into Hard Results) is by way of Action.

The Fallacy Knowledge is Power, or so we are brought up to believe. I disagree. I will say that knowledge is not power. If knowledge was power, then all those who are extremely knowledgeable would be getting the results that are reflective of All That They Know. Instead you see this everyday how many of these knowledgeable individuals aren’t really achieving the results you feel they should be getting. If knowledge was truly power, why are these encyclopedias of information not getting their money’s worth?

Knowledge is not power- It’s a fallacy. Knowledge is part of the equation to Attain Power. Knowledge only to be ever accumulated like designer clothes that are never worn, is an utter and Absolute Waste.

Yes this is an Audacious thing to say, but what I am stating is a truth that you have come to see with your very own eyes. It’s not what you have but more so what you do with what you have. It’s not the skill, talent, or ability that you possess but what you do with that knowledge, skill and ability. It’s not the opportunity that you hold in your hands today, but more so, what you choose to do with that opportunity. If you don’t make the most of what you have, then you are ensuring it is wasted. Knowledge is Power, only when you choose to do something with it. Knowledge is Power, only when you take Action on it Who said Life’s unfair? Life is fair. Life doesn’t reward those who only ever sit and hope to attract all the great things they want to do. Life doesn’t reward those with potential, as evident by what you see on a day to day basis. Indeed it is important to be positive, visualize and believe that you will make it to your goals and dreams. But the bottom line is simple.

Life rewards those, who take those baby steps, no matter how small (but nonetheless Act) and consistently work towards what they want.

Action is the reason life rewards those who are successful (no matter what shape, size and walk of life they come from) What will you want to live with? The question you must ask yourself is, Do you wish to live a life filled with Regret of never making the most of every precious day that you were given? Or do you wish to look back and Say “I took every action possible in life and made things happen”? Time after time, day after day, month after month, I find myself to the simple conclusion I came to many years back- You can laugh at your past failures, but you can’t laugh at your past regrets. Bring it back to your life right up until this point. Think of all the things you have regret for thus far in life. You will find that it will almost always be for the things you didn’t do- not for what you have done, but for what you didn’t do. Don’t let your past be your future. Take Action. You Already Know What are you waiting for? You already know what you need to do. When in Seminars or doing a Tour, I tend to have a particular question repeatedly asked. Repeated so often and in every corner of the world, I had to take some time and think about it, only to realize the truth that stares every one of us in the face. I realized that in every case, the person asking the question already knows the answer to what they are asking. I came to realize that they are in one of three categories: They are simply too lazy to actually take the time and work through their answers They are seeking and hoping to find an easier option And the The worst being that they foolishly believe that someone else can (or even will) do it for them. If you are unhappy with something, then think about what you would need to do. Write out your Actions Steps on a clean piece of paper, and then do something about it, one baby step at a time The chances are that you already know enough to take action towards what you want. Please understand that I am an advocate of being a Constant Learner in life, but you must begin taking action and continue your learning as you move along. If you don’t “Act on what you know”, you wont see a change in results. Period! Why Now? What have you ever got from later? Later, later, later. Many tend to push on the actions they need to take. Many wait for the time to be right. The Truth is simple. Timing will never be perfect. It will never be Just Right. All Your Ducks wont be lined up, and you will face more challenges and disappointments than you first expect. Yet there is never a better time for moving on with things than now. Now is when action should be taken. Because nothing can be done about the past, except for moving on with the lear
ned experience you have gained. The future has yet to happen and it’s not something you can play with, which leaves us with a place where everything can be changed- Right here, Right Now. You have to cross to the other side Everything you desire lies on the other side of the road, and to get to the other side requires that you take action.

The other side of the road won’t come to you. You need to get to it.

Through Action, you can make mistakes. Through Actions you see whether your initial thoughts are well founded or needed alteration. Through action you will fail. Through action you will grow. Through action you will your chosen destination. Start Today. Start Right Now. Act Right Now.

Just like a plane that is ready to take off from the runway, to move upwards, it first needs to move forward. To move upward with your results, you need to move forward- and moving forward in your case comes by you Taking Action.

Action Brings about Success. What are you waiting for? Begin Now. Do it, Now. Have a Winning Month Taking Action, Every day.


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