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sue.sewardYou never know what could transpire from one great connection!  After networking and making connections, building relationships online for over twelve years it’s come to my attention that email is sort of dead don’t you think? How much real connection email do you receive now days? How many people are actually connecting and building relationships online using email? Most of what we receive is spam wouldn’t you agree? Geez, how much Viagra can a person use anyway?!! hahaha! A lot of people come to me and ask my opinion on having a personal website and what’s more important – having a personal website or a replicated marketing system? Well actually both can help you depending on your goals, your target market and what you are truly passionate about.  NULL

The main thing is that you start to realize how important it is to brand YOU and you can do this several ways and you don’t have to spend hours, days or weeks building a personal website to do it!

The best thing you can do when you start your enterprise is to be up and running as quickly as possible and getting your business out there for people to see. Building a personal website can take hours and hours and sometimes weeks to develop. Having a replicated marketing system can be set up the first day you start your enterprise. So I always recommend this option to anyone who wants to have their business website up and running on day one. Depends on your purpose and your end goal so think about what that is first.

This is also why it’s crucial to your success to have a plan, a real business plan with your passion spelled out, your goals and your action sets planned out on paper.

Have you done this yet? If not I highly recommend doing this first. If you need some coaching on this get in touch and I’m happy to help you brainstorm some ideas. The reason you want to brand yourself and your passion is because people join you first. They want to know who you are and why you are doing what you do. What are you passionate about? Why should they partner with you? You can do this too, by putting up a Blog, which is becoming very popular these days. Some people are choosing to do video blogging. Be sure you do what best fits your style. Video may not be your thing and that’s perfectly ok. Writing may be! Or audio may be your thing! Go with your own passion and what floats your boat. Perhaps some of these other reaching out avenues will be something you’ll gravitate to next as you start to get your feet wet in one area you may advance onto learning something new.

Just remember if you’re not passionate about what you’re doing people will pick up on that! So go with what lights your fire because this is what draws more people near to you!

Everything always starts with a little spark! If you feel you’re not a writer don’t worry, I wasn’t when starting out either twelve years ago! In fact, I had no degrees or writing experience at all. What I have always written about is my own experiences. It’s not fiction, it’s not about what I’m dreaming about, and it’s what I’ve done! I also write like I talk so sometimes I may not have the best grammar, remember I didn’t go to school to be an English teacher. I’m just a little ole networker by way of school of hard knocks! Writing and posting to your blog is not really about being inspired as much as it is about being passionate about what you do because when you’re passionate about what you do it becomes easier to express yourself. People are attracted to enthusiastic people who are passionate about what they do! Remember the movie ‘Passion Of The Christ’? Jesus passion was working for the Lord. His passion was people and he actually decided to leave his father’s carpentry business which he was very good at it to follow this passion. You know people must have thought he was crazy to leave such a great paying job! Jesus however was not as interested in making money as he was saving souls. This doesn’t mean though that God doesn’t want anyone making money. On the contrary! The Bible says God wants us to prosper and it says it in more places than one and the reason is so that we can be generous on every occasion! Recently I met another professional woman here locally that left her medical career to pursue a career in becoming a Certified Life Coach. Her family and colleagues thought she was nuts! Becoming a Life Coach however is her passion which is to help other people unlock their true potential and she’s very good at it. Why? Because she is so darn passionate about it! You can tell by listening to her in one of her coaching sessions. She brings out the best in people. I was one of the ones who experienced watching her bring out the best in people attending one of her goal setting workshops. She truly is going for her passion! For me it’s always been about people too. Helping them find their passion, helping them set up their own enterprise, be their own boss, coaching others and helping them to unlock their true potential for success. It’s really ok to brand yourself because you are unique and there’s only one you. God made you just the way you are and has a plan for your life.

Search deep inside and find what your passion is and express it by sharing what you love with others.

Maybe your passion is your kids, your partner, you love of gardening, cooking, nature, travel, reading, skydiving, mountain climbing, running, walking, fitness, health, being your own boss, teaching and training others…you get the picture right? Combine this passion with what you’re doing to earn a living and write about this on your blog! Sometimes I’m driving down the road just out running the usual errands to the grocery store, the post office or office supply store. Not so exciting right? BAM! Something comes into my head and I’ve got to write it on my blog like I’m sharing with you now! I write notes on sticky notes! Had about 7 or 8 of them all pasted on my desk to put into this blog post! Just jot down thoughts during your day to day routine and it will come to you what to post on your blog. Once you set your blog up you will get noticed once you start posting it on social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Best Networker, thatmlmbeat, and others you’ll find online. You can always Google to find more places to post your blog. Name your blog which should center on your passion. On your blog you’ll have your profile which tells a little about you and your passion, photo of yourself and links to your enterprise and any other passions you have. One of mine happens to be Gluten free cooking. Not only do I love to cook, I’m 100% gluten free now after about a year of working on being compliant due to health reasons. It’s been a real struggle and I know it can be for thousands of others. I’ve been there and can relate what it’s like to go to the grocery store and just stand there and stare at the shelves wondering what in the heck can I eat?!!! Now I’ve got the GFree thing down and even set up a page on my personal website about it because of being so passionate about helping others who are struggling too. If that’s you, please visit – http://www.suesewardlivingglutenfree.com AND I truly do hope these resources help you as much as they have me! Ok back to the Blog page –

Be sure you always use a photo of yourself to brand YOU!

No silly avatars or photos of your products. This will not brand YOU. Remember YOU brand YOU so put on a photo of the REAL passionate you! One of the other things to do is always be REAL, be authentic, be passionate about what you’re doing, just be yourself and people will be attracted to you and want to connect with you and eventually may become interested in what you do and they may just be a great connection. Everyone is a connection, remember that! Even if they are not interested in your particular business think
of them as a great connection! You never know what could transpire from one great connection! Sue Seward Passionate Entrepreneur


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