Why Direct Marketers Fail by Terri Levine

Terri LevineThe top limiting beliefs and some tips on overcoming them.  Direct selling can be one of the greatest business opportunities. There is no other business that offers the potential for passive income with such a small investment. In addition to not taking direct marketing serious as a business, people fail because they have limiting beliefs that they need to overcome. Here are the top limiting beliefs and some tips on overcoming them. I don’t know how to sell. I feel better when I look at this as serving. I do not have enough friends to build a team. We each meet an average of 3-5 new people a week. I do not want anyone hanging up on me. I know I am offering a great opportunity and it is their loss.  NULL

I don’t know what to say. I have a few great, easy scripts I can use. What if it takes too long and I run out of money. I can schedule this amongst other money making endeavors. My leads want to be called in the morning and I can only call at night. I have an assistant who is able to make the calls or I can swap leads with someone on my team. I tried something like this before and failed. This is a unique opportunity and offers a lot of support. I already invited all my friends to another opportunity so I don’t have anyone to call. I can find one new person to talk to this week and I can place an ad. I might get someone into this that can’t afford it and their debt will be my fault. If worked properly, this is a great opportunity to build a successful business at low cost. I’m worried my friends won’t like it and then they won’t like me. I will feel better if I share this opportunity rather than they learn of my success and I could have told them. What if someone gets angry that I called? I do not take such things personally. There are many more that do want to hear about this. I’m afraid. I have the support of a team and can ask for help. I’ve never been successful at my own business before. I can ask my team leaders what they have done to create successful teams. Most businesses fail in the first year. This is an opportunity with an established business that I am now part of. I don’t like telemarketers calling me so how can I call people? I can call people at their requested time by using a form on my website and I can send out an email to my leads prior to calling. I don’t want to bother my team leader. I want to support my team, so they must too. I had to find this opportunity myself so other people should find it on their own. I want to share this opportunity with as many people as I can, making it easier for them to find it than it was for me. What if someone doesn’t like the products, will they blame me? It is up to each of us to try the products and decide for ourselves. I’m not good on the phone. I can look at this like a conversation with a friend and then it becomes easy. I’ll just email my leads and if they are interested they’ll call me. What if they have some fears about making a call and I can make it easier for them. I don’t like to work alone. I have the support of my team and can find a buddy to work with. What if this is a hoax? This opportunity was created by a person of very high integrity who is very visible in the system and the company is a well established reputable company. It can’t be that easy to make money. This is just a story of mine and I have evidence that many are already making lots of easy money through this process. It takes 3 years to turn a profit in business and I don’t have that long. This opportunity is different in that it is built on a business that IS already profitable. It seems like no one else on my team knows how to do this so I’m going to have to build their teams for them to build my own success. I will continue to coach my team for success and teach them the sure ways to easily create a large, highly successful team.


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