Why The Party Plan Business Works – Using the Power of Demonstration, Social Proof, and Duplication by David Feinstein

DavidLFeinsteinxThat’s because this type of model works on very strong selling principles that proven extremely powerful. If you’ve been stumped on how to create more sales, and how to build your Network Marketing business, then maybe you should look into having home parties to meet your goal. Unless you’ve lived under a bridge or a rock for the last 20 years, then you’ve probably either been to, been invited to, or heard about home parties involving network marketing. Representatives in companies like the jewelry company Lia Sophia, the cooking ware company Pampered Chef, plus the infamous Tupperware and even Avon are thriving using this model. There are plenty of others that thrive on this type of selling technique, but the truth is any distributor in nearly any network marketing company can utilize this type of business model and see great success. NULL

That’s because this type of model works on very strong selling principles that proven extremely powerful.

Why Demonstration Is Such a Powerful Elements… There are few more powerful sales techniques than that of DEMONTRATION.

Demonstration is so potent because it proves, right in front of the person, that the product works.

The one thought that everyone has in mind when they’re thinking about purchasing something new is whether or not the product works. When you have a home party, and you’re using the product right in front of the prospect, and actually letting them use the product as well – it creates a huge trust and credibility factor. There’s no longer any guessing game, they know first hand that the product works, is easy to use (which is huge as well showing them that they can use it as easily as you), and that the product tastes good, etc. This also lets the prospect actually create a sense of ownership of the product once they’ve gotten the product in their hands and used it. Book stores have known this concept for years, which is why Barnes and Nobles or Borders won’t kick you out of their stores, and even actually encourage you to sit and read the books by putting out chairs and couches for you to get comfortable. They know that once you’ve begun to read the book and held it in your hands, you’ve taken ownership. You feel like it’s yours, and now it’s just a matter of taking it home. How Social Proof Works in Home Parties… Another huge element of persuasion, and creating buyers and joiners from a home party, is the power of social proof.

Social proof is basically an element of persuasion that creates social pressure to conform to what others are doing.

This comes into play at a home party when others start buying product and/or joining up as business partners. The fact is that once guests see others buying they feel like they should buy too, or else they’ll be looked upon differently. This is why someone who has a home party will often out perform another distributor for the month, in just one night. There’s also the facet of commitment and consistency as well. These people have said that they’ll come to the party with both the host and the guests knowing what the party was about. It’s almost an unspoken commitment to buy something at the party, and guests will feel very compelled to be consistent with that commitment. That, coupled with the social proof of everyone else doing… it is a very strong persuader. Duplication…the Network Marketers Dream… Perhaps the best part about the home party when it comes to network marketing is the proof of duplication.

You see, when you ask someone to join your business opportunity, the strongest question in their mind is “will I be able to do this?” When you invite that person to a home party, show them how easy the demonstrating is and what the results of that are, they can instantly put themselves in that position of host.

Once they’ve done that in their own mind – once you’ve got them saying to themselves “hey, I can do this” – then they’re pretty much already sold on your opportunity on their own. Home parties are a great way to quickly build a network marketing company full of active distributors. If you’re not using this method, you’d be crazy not to start now.


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