Why You Might NOT Want to File Your Tax Return Electronically by Dr. Ron Mueller

Dr. Ron MuellerThere may be advantages to filing electronically but you may want to consider WHO receives the most advantages Aren’t there advantages to filing Tax Returns electronically (E-Filing) as opposed to “paper filing?” Sure. Here they are… 1. YOU may like E-filing because:

A. You (supposedly) get your refund faster. B. It saves you a trip to the Post Office.

2. YOUR TAX PRO may like E-filing because:

A. It’s quick and efficient. B. No papers to copy, file or and mail. C. It helps you get your refund faster.


A. It takes waaaaay fewer administrative people to process electronically-filed Tax Returns – so they can take those “excess admin positions,” and move them over to the Enforcement Division, enabling them to do more Audits. NULLHowever, when a “paper return” arrives at an IRS Processing Center, an administrative person sits at a keyboard and enters, into the vast IRS computer, some of the data you provided on your Tax Return and the Forms, Attachments and Schedules submitted with it. That’s time consuming, and, of course, human errors are made. B. When E-filing, IRS computers can automatically compare all of the numbers you put on every line of every Form or Attachment of every Tax Return, and compare them with “national averages” giving them more justification to conduct more Audits. However, when a “paper return” arrives, the administrative person who enters data into that vast IRS computer, enters only some of the numbers from some of the lines on some of the Forms, Attachments and Schedules – not every single line-item. It would be far too time-consuming to have them input all the data. This process restricts them to being able to compare only about 20% of your data with national averages. C. When E-filing, you are not allowed to include important documents that would help document deductions you claimed on your tax return – documents that could reduce your chances of being audited to review “questionable” deductions. This increases your chances of being audited.

Always consult with your Professional Tax Advisor before making ANY business-related tax decisions. This Special Report is Produced and Copyrighted by Ronald R. Mueller, author of “Home Business Tax Savings MADE EASY!”


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