Winning In Social Media, Measure and Adjust Daily. By Ben Dixon

Ben Dixon

Winning in social media today is much more than a one-time event.

The clients we see crushing it in the space have a daily strategy as they empower their reps. 

Because truthfully, you probably have no idea what will work and what will not… until you test and measure your results:

Because the world is changing all the time, the key is that you measure the results of the posts, pictures, and pre-written content daily. That’s right, you need a way, every day, to see what content is getting people to your shopping cart and what is not.

What works today does not work tomorrow. 

The content you THINK works great may or may not.

You cannot assume that if something is ‘pretty’ it will actually work. 

For the longest time, network marketing companies have struggled to get REAL metrics on what is working and what is not. Because our reps independently post on social media, getting real metrics has been a challenge. 

The team at Naxum, has created a solution to measuring social media content and sales tools. Through the predictive actions platform, companies are now daily measuring their content to know exactly what is getting people to the shopping cart. 

Finally, your members have a simple place to go to share your compliant content, and more importantly, YOU get the metrics on what is working and what is not.

Ben Dixon
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