Without a Dream You Have No Drive by Bob Goshen

bob_goshenIt is not only having the Dream but acting upon the Dream that separates thousands of people from mediocrity to having a totally fulfilled life. I arrived at the private air terminal in Long Beach to meet with a CEO of a major corporation. He requested that I join him to speak to his sales leaders in four different locations over the next four days. As we boarded the Gulfstream business jet for our first leg to Seattle we began discussing what drives a person to attain greater achievement. I told him to me it was simple, it is the power to have a Dream. After 61 years on this planet and observing thousands of men and women who succeed, it ultimately gets back to the Dream.

It is the journey towards the Dream not the destination that moves men and women to great achievement.

When speaking to corporations around the world I always begin by sharing the power of a Dream. NULL

He agreed and added, it is not only having the Dream but acting upon the Dream that separates thousands of people from mediocrity to having a totally fulfilled life. A fulfilled life is not one obsessed with making money, but rather reaching for a Dream which many say is unreachable. Staying totally focused and committed each day towards the mark of reaching your Dream. Everyone has a Dream but few will keep the consistency required to attain it. I have worked with this gentleman during the past 15 years, we have become very good friends and business associates. He grew up in Taiwan living in a home with dirt floors. I remember him telling me the story of how as a small boy he looked forward to the rain because the rain would run under the walls of the house and on the dirt floors where he would dig a small trench to create a make believe river through the house. He came to America without the ability to speak the English language and would often go to the local river in Utah to fish for food and remembers the day when he went to Goodwill to find a three legged couch. Today he resides in a 45000 square foot home in southern California, has purchased several five star hotels around the World, and is having a commercial jet built to his specifications for international travel. His life is a result of having a Dream and Acting on that Dream. 10 REASONS TO WHY TO HAVE A DREAM: 1. Never be fearful to Dream 2. Without a Dream your goals and plans have no life 3. The Dream becomes the driving force when you feel like giving up 4. There is no room for Doubt when you have a Dream 5. When you stop Dreaming you stop living 6. You are never too old to ignite a Dream 7. A Dream without action is only a fantasy 8. If you have lost your passion in what you are doing, you have lost your Dream 9. Doubters always make room for Dreamers 10. Leadership requires life and life can only come from a Dream If you have lost the rush of getting out of bed each morning to accomplish your goals, then I suggest you return to those days when you could hardly get to bed the night before in order to greet the new day. Your occupation may remain the same but it can only become boring when you lose your Dream.




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Bob Goshen
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