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In Network Marketing 77% of distributors in the United States are women.① 

Globally that number is 76%. Women are amazing at building and maintaining relationships, which is the key to building huge networks. Women can build and lead big organizations. Global Fortune 500 companies like General Motors, IMB and Pepsi are headed by women. Women are now capable of creating extreme wealth. Studies show the number of wealthy women in the United States is growing as fast as wealthy men.

In America, 45% of millionaires are women. Of those women, 60% of them earned their own fortunes.

They did not receive an inheritance, they earned their wealth. ② Outside direct selling, most small businesses are started by white men over 50 and also tend to have a high failure rate with only around 56% making it to their fifth year. Some people estimate that by 2030, women will control as much as two-thirds of the nation’s wealth.

Women make good targets for network marketers because MLMs have a relatively low-cost entry for representatives. They target stay-at-home moms, military spouses, and other young women to become their own bosses and decide how much time to invest and when! This gives them personal flexibility not available with a regular job with regular hours. Women are more social than men and enjoy having product parties and connecting with their down lines and tend to build more long lasting relationships than men, In many cases they are not trying to become millionaires but just make some extra money and use products and services they like and share them with friends. Also, the startup fees of an MLM are much smaller than starting a small business or a franchise, it is easier to invest in and walk away from these initial costs. It is easier to walk away from $50 to $500 dollars lost than it is $20,000 or more funneled into a small business. The only problem is that most women, and men for that matter, are not successful for many reasons. ③ According to a report by the Federal Trade Commission, 99 percent (99 PERCENT) of representatives lose money from MLM companies.

Another key point is that network marketing presents a level of opportunity unprecedented in any other industry for women who want more flexibility for family or other pursuits outside the standard corporate world. This is particularly true in a time when women are still struggling with equality in the workplace. It will take many more years to close the economic gender gap between men and women.

Network marketing provides a level playing field.

Women should be encouraged to follow whatever path is right for them and their families. Give them the MLM opportunity to learn about business, becoming a leader, building a network and helping others to succeed. In some cases, they become phenomenal successes and change their lives. They would never have been able to achieve the financial rewards they earn in any other way!




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