Women in Network Marketing By Paul Morris

Women in Network Marketing

Why would a man write an article about women in Network Marketing? 

Very simple. We enroll lots of women in Network Marketing and work with them daily.  At first, I thought, “Do I dare even attempt to approach this subject?” But since I have been doing this for 50 years, I feel compelled to share with you some of my observations.

First, I believe it is important for men to understand that women are truly different.  Not only in appearance (the obvious – LOL), but the way they think and their inner drives and motivations.

A statement one man may make to another man will not have the same effect on a woman. So, it is important to know your audience.  In 50 years I have realized that there is a broad spectrum of various reasons why both men and women get involved in Network Marketing.  While we have many very successful business builders in our organizations who are women, it is our observation that many of them did not get attracted to the business to build a huge business, but rather were attracted by the product first and then gradually, after sharing their success with the products with friends and neighbors who joined them primarily to use the products, eventually decided to build it as a business.

Most men on the other hand, were originally attracted to the business opportunity first and then after experiencing the products became passionate product consumers. 

So, the approach of one guy to his buddy of, “Hey join me in this business and we can build an empire and get rich together,” may not work with the typical woman.  Women are more sensitive to the approach of improving the physical health and or financial health of their family or loved ones and close friends. My observation is they were more interested in transforming their own lives and then helping transform the lives of others. Today, many of the women in our organizations who started out with an interested in the product and helping others are strong business leaders today. (The exception is the woman who is already successful in a previous Direct Sales company that join with the specific intent to begin building right away.

According to a survey by the Direct Selling Association one of the main reasons women are attracted to Network Marketing as a source or extra earnings is their desire to contribute to the family finances WITHOUT having to get a job at the local mall.

A recent national magazine interviewed people exiting a Network Marketing event and discovered that women have more SOCIAL reasons for joining Direct Sales. One woman said she had recently divorced and was looking to develop a new circle of friends. Another woman had recently moved into the area and was looking to develop new relationships.

I encourage everyone, male or female to enroll women in their organization.  In general, women tend to become fiercely loyal to products with which they have had a positive experience.  Women are less likely to jump to the next hot deal that comes along.  Women are better at nurturing their personally enrolled distributors and customers than the typical man.  Women are natural Network Marketer’s whether they know it or not.  They are already doing the basic elements of Network Marketing; they talk and get together with their friends. They refer their friends to their nail salon, hair dresser and favorite restaurants as well as movies favorite boutiques etc…  they are just not getting paid for it.

Programs that have product lines relative to health and nutrition and toxin-free home care and personal care products and make-up are a real home run for women.  These are easy programs for women as they are the ones in the family that do the shopping and these products lend themselves to true TRANSFER BUYING.  They simply buy a better-quality, toxin-free, product from them self rather than the local super market.  Also, women are already in tune with online shopping and love the idea of saving time and money by shopping from their own website and they like the potential of earning the extra ‘fun money’ that could eventually grow into a substantial extra earnings and eventual financial independence.

So, let’s all start sponsoring more women!


Paul Morris


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