Women in Network Marketing by Paul Morris

In my 48 years of experience in the Network Marketing Industry I have sponsored many women. It seems that each one has a different reason for joining. In the early days, almost everyone that joined (male of female) were approached with the “How would you like to own your own business and work from home” concept. Today it is a different world. Thanks to my many years of experience and the results of some magazine interviews of women exiting Network Marketing meetings and a recent survey by the Direct Selling Association we know at least a few of the main reasons women are joining Network Marketing.

In a recent survey by the DSA it was noted that many women join Direct Selling so they can contribute to the family earnings WTHOUT having to get a job at the nearby mall.

As the result of me personally meeting with and engaging in conversation with hundreds of women a year and from an article in a National magazine where the author questioned women leaving Direct Selling Events I can summarize a few of the more poignant reasons women are joining Direct Selling or Network Marketing companies today. It has been discovered that many women join for the social aspect of it all and to make some new friends. Another woman had recently divorced and desired to find a new circle of friends. And yet another survey showed many women (and men) join Network Marketing for the personal growth and self-development they experience.

Naturally many women join as customers and others join as distributors or members simply to be able to purchase their products at distributor cost.

Whether you are working your warm markets or pulling in cold leads from online, sooner or later you are going to engage in a conversation with them. Rather than use the wrong approach or bulldoze them with the getting rich pitch, it is more effective to simply ask your female prospect if she is more interested in her health (if it is a nutrition or health oriented product) or her financial situation.

If she says health, then you say, “Great, I’m glad you said that because your health is your wealth and without your health all the money in the world doesn’t matter.”

If she says financial situation, then you say, “Great, I’m glad you said that, because without extra funds available it’s is difficult to stay healthy as eating Organic and NON-GMO foods and consuming supplements can be costly.”

Now you know if their interest is primarily in the product or the earnings potential. Next you ask her, “What if I had asked, health, finances or BOTH? What would you have answered?” Ideally you are a business builder, you are looking for the prospect that is going to say BOTH. If the primary interest was in their health (or saving money on their phone bill, utilities, jewelry or home care products – whatever applies) then engage in conversation about your products and do product demos or sampling and invite them to become a customer.

Some happy customers eventually upgrade to a distributor once they start finding some of their friends wanting to try the product.

If their primary interest was the finances or earning extra money, then ask if they are looking to earn a little extra money or a lot of extra money. If they say a lot, then ask what is a lot of money to them to find what they may be interested in doing with your business.

In your conversation with them and during your presentation freely mention all the new friends you have made, the great books you have purchased and read and the personal growth seminars you have attended and how you have experienced such a feeling of belonging being a part of your team. Also point out that there is only one pay plan for both men and women and there is no discrimination against women in the Direct Selling or Network Marketing Industry.

Near the end of your presentation, which for the most part was simply chit chatting and showing a video or PowerPoint, ask then what they have heard so far is most appealing to them and then be quiet and listen to what they have to say. They will be explaining exactly what you will need to focus on to close them.

All the way from a retail customer, to a wholesale purchasing distributor, a part-time sales person working from home, to a committed business builder you will have a multitude of prospects that will join your program for variety of different reasons.

The sooner you determine THEIR reason for joining you the more effective you will be in closing her. Remember: To sell Suzy Brown what Suzy buys, you must see things through Suzy Brown’s eyes.

And lastly, if you are a man, never be afraid to approach women as prospects for your business. Some of the most successful Network Marketers are women, and many successful men are in Direct Selling today because their wives got involved first and when the husband saw how much money they were earning, they got involved.

Enjoy the journey,

Paul Morris

 Women in Network Marketing by Paul Morris

Paul Morris

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