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Clearly, women are joining the Network Marketing Industry in record numbers.

In 1972, women-owned businesses only accounted for 4.6% of all businesses. Now?  It’s over 50%. 

After being in business since my twenties, I thought I would share some inspiration and advice that I have learned along the way.

No one is going to believe in you as you do. 

Take your time to decide who you want to work with.  Find your voice and be comfortable being yourself. Do not try and fit into a mold.  You need to be your own biggest cheerleader.

Find your brand values and share them with your team. 

This allows us to respond rather than react to issues and challenges that arise and gives us a foundation for making decisions and directing our course of action. The brand values of The Network Marketing Magazine are:

Life Long Learner



 Do whatever it takes

 Be Spirited in what you do

Running our company with these brand values has helped our members understand who we are and what we stand for.

Be Grateful.

There will be days that will truly test you and moments where you’ll want to quit. This has certainly happened to me. 

During these times, it’s important to remember why you started to begin with. Focus on prioritizing what matters the most and be grateful for the great days you have. 

Understand your products.

Never apologize for what your products cost.   Your company could have made a cheaper product but it wanted you to be confident in your selling quality.  I learned that from a great leader Tom “Big AL” Schreiter.  

You have a great opportunity to solve challenges for women like you.

One of the biggest influences and motivations to build The Network Marketing Magazine came from my own entrepreneurial journey and understanding the need for training, coaching, and inspiration to those that wanted to learn and be successful in a business that required time but not unlimited capital. You can provide this to other women like you.

Being a woman in business can be challenging but you got this!

Whether you’re trying to find your voice, struggling from the do-it-all mindset, or looking for fellow women to bounce ideas off of, I hope that you take a minute to step back and appreciate all that you’ve already accomplished. 

There are going to be hard days. There are going to be challenging days. But you are full of grit, passion, and perseverance. You can do this and I am here for you! 

Debbie Madiou President – The Network Marketing Magazine

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